13 ways to Be Healthier Today and Heal Your Alopecia

May 16, 2019
Many clients as of late come to me as a last resort, not truly believing in natural and holistic. Not truly understanding either. They have spent all their money on doctors, lotions and potions and pills that have not gain them any results and have actually left them worse off then before seeing the doctors. They come to me with a last hope. And I in turn comfort them and lead them to success. I understand hardship, I understand alopecia, and I understand how to get out of alopecia and heal it. Here are some 13 ways to begin your healing journey. Take advantage of my free consultation, I am happy to help!
 1. Breathe Deeply
Remember to breathe. Take five deep breaths whenever you remember. Especially when stressed. Pay more attention to your out-breath. Let it gooooooo.
2. Sleep More
Prioritize sleep. Buy the best bed and bedding you can afford, ideally organic. Go to bed early for the most restorative sleep. 9 hours is not indulgent.
3. Nourish Yourself
Nourish yourself and the planet with organic, nutrient-dense food. Emphasize vegetables, grass fed animals and healthy fats. Drink lots of pure water.
4. Move More
Keep m o v i n g. Lift weights, walk in nature, do yoga, dance. Sweat daily if possible. Sit less, move more.
5. Heal & Seal Your Gut
Tend to your inner garden: balance your gut bugs and plug the leaks. Your health & wellbeing are a reflection of your relationship with your whole environment.
6. Eliminate Toxins
Eliminate toxins, including your food triggers, processed foods, negative thoughts, chemicals in body & home care products, mercury fillings, and relationships.
7. Clear Infections
Get tested and treated for hidden infections, like Lyme, candida, and mycoplasma. Embrace healthy lifestyle habits, consider herbal anti-microbials and raise your metabolism.
8. Reduce Stress
What can you let go of, minimize or delegate? Healing happens when you relax. Negative emotions, environments and people can sabotage your health. Chose peace.
9. Forgive Everyone
Forgive everyone. Forgive yourself. The past is past. Free yourself from unresolved anger, sadness and grief. Still feel a charge? Repeat.
10. Surround Yourself
Ask for help. - Get a free consultation with yours truly!
Join a nourishing group or community. Prioritize friendships. Laugh more.
11. Say Thank You
Want to feel happier? Say Thank you, even when you feel criticized. See the blessings in everything. Even unwanted symptoms are just messengers encouraging you to dig deeper.
12. Love Yourself
Love yourself first. Be responsible for your own happiness. Embrace your inner child and go on playdates. Create a list of things that fill you up. Do at least one thing a day.
13. Know Your Why
People with purpose have better health outcomes, more resilience and joy. What’s your North Star? Be your purpose. Stay open. Choose peace. Stay hopeful.

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