1st Step in Healing Alopecia

Jul 06, 2020
Fear is a big topic, and its comes up many times for me and for others. Fear can be in the current situation of alopecia or in hairloss, but fear can also penetrate other areas of your life and the same thing happens over and over -- whatever You fear comes to fruition! Have you had this happen?
If you let fear run your life and your "beliefs" you will get what you fear the most. This has happened to me. Not in hairloss but in another area of life.
Interesting enough, I never feared hairloss, ok maybe for a split second, but throughout my whole 2+ years of alopecia... I always knew deep down I would have hair again. It just didn't make sense to me.
I believe this is the first step to healing= knowing that IT IS POSSIBLE TO HEAL. 1st step.
Its the first step, because if you don't believe than you won't take action, you won't follow directions. You won't be eager to apply all the learnings and all the things you need to do to actually heal.
I had someone contact me saying that they've "been burned before with hairloss treatments"- what I can say in response to that, is that, I too have payed and tried many doctors and seen dermatologists all with no luck= all with no results. I too spent money on creams, cortisone shots and over the counter items in the hopes that it would work out......And it didn't. So what do you do? Keep trying!!!
Thank God I have more faith than most, because that's led me to results. I have faith in me and faith that my body would heal. And it DID.
This is why I preach diet and lifestyle- because not only have I had 100% results, but others have too. The only way for you to see for yourself and to be absolutely convinced is to try it out for yourself and go ALL IN.
Imagine going into a marriage or business partnership and you putting in 50% of your effort and time; well I guess that's why we have high divorce rates too, because these people are not putting in 100%. You could say the same thing with obesity. We have millions of diet books, personal trainers and weight loss programs and yet, obesity is still a disease that is plaguing the USA.
Why is that?
Because people start diets and leave them after January 31. They don't like long term work, long term investments in their health or happiness. NEWS ALERT: True Health is PRICELESS AND YOU ARE WORTH IT.
I cannot begin to explain how healthy and happy I am now, thanks to Alopecia, thanks to the STRUGGLE, thanks to the PAIN. Because now, I am wiser, stronger and healthier- then ever before. I don't fear Covid 19, I don't fear getting a second or a third autoimmune disease like 25 % of people who have one autoimmune disease do. I know those static its don't apply to me. I have risen above that whole mess, dodging the biggest balls in human history. My immune system is strong, everything is A+.
WHY? Because alopecia is put to sleep. She is buried and will no longer try to haunt me or scare me. Because I have the control and the keys to my health and hair success. Would you like more control over your health? (little secret: you just need to decide to take it back)
Currently In my two month Signature Program, I have someone who contacted me telling me hair is starting to grow out of his legs, after being alopecia universalis for over 20 years. Amazing right.. he's "tried everything" until he discovered me and look at this now... in 4 weeks, he's off to the races, seeing results and hair on legs and eyebrows. I have another client, who is already seeing hair growth and multiple other symptoms vanish, she is a busy mother of two, and how great to be able to show up for your family, for your kids, for your husband as a better YOU, as a healthier YOU as a whole and fully alive YOU, shining like the person you are meant to be!
Life is challenging already, especially now with everything going on, relieve yourself from added stress, pain and fear. Believe you can come out the other side, hairier, and healthier.
I can almost guarantee that if you follow everything in my books and programs, you will see results in hair growth, naturally for long term results in health and hair.
Now, just like losing weight, its probably easier to do that than to keep the weight off, right? That's why I walk you through this. Your life is now altered. Alopecia has altered your life forever.
That's ok, we have a new set of rules to live by. You can still thrive and you can still live your best life, with full hair and full health.
Why let fear take away that opportunity? Why let fear destroy your happiness and wellbeing?
As humans, fear is a natural instinct and feeling. You should observe these feelings, but also know that possibilities are endless. Possibilities for healing, possibilities to get out of your situation and make it better. Possibilities for a renewed life and a more fulfilling one.
Why settle for mediocre ? Or average results? Another client that just signed up for the Program beginning Aug 1 (registration closes July 15) was taking Rogaine for the last 10 years or so. And no, she didn't see any changes or results. This is where I come in. I get you to the results only and if you follow and implement what needs to be done.
For some, its quite easy. For me, its priceless! Knowing I have my health, my hair and alopecia is reversed and laid to rest. BAM! AMEN TO THAT ALL DAY!
Just like the Law Of attraction, if you think negative things- they will happen, and you are in turn letting in negative things into your life. If you believe happy thoughts, positive thoughts, of healing, of growing back your hair, you can turn this around, then you are inviting good energy to come in.
I swear this is the first step. You need to believe in yourself and in the power of healing. Your body was made as a magnificent machine. Its you, (yes you!) who has been neglecting it and treating it wrong. I can show you exactly what's been causing this and how to heal.
Ready to start believing? Schedule a free consultation and let' s talk more!

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