3 Things to Do When Struggling with Hairloss

Feb 12, 2021
Feeling like you are doing it all and nothing is happening? What about when you feel nothing is working and you've spent countless $$$$$ and time on this problem. You want the solution but are unsure of what step to take next because you are tired of doing it yourself and nothing is working. Perhaps you've seen various professionals and still ... nothing...
I understand that feeling. Did you know that my journey took a bit over 3 years? And many times the clients I help have been dealing on average with hairloss for over 5-10 years? Many times, they find me early in their journey, within 2 years, others I have helped, finally find me at almost 25+ years when dealing with hairloss and alopecia!
I am not surprised, you'd think growing your hair would be an easy task. Its a mistake to think it is- and its also a mistake to keep spinning your wheels like a car stuck in the mud without asking for help.
In a former blog post, I mentioned the things you need to ask your alopecia expert. Another one, tells you 6 things that you are doing wrong which aren't lending results.
In this blog post I am letting you know your options, when you are struggling with hairloss and have been for quite some time. I know you want quicker results, I know you want healing... and HAIR.
First, you need to know that investing in yourself is a requirement. There is no cheap and easy way to do this. In order to heal properly and permanently, you need to invest- plain and simple. You take care of your car, get it washed, the tune up, oil changes etc, why? Because its an investment. It allows you freedom and convenience- giving you options to go to work, school and much more. Same with where your home. Something isn't working you fix it right? Same here... your body and health are more important than the car and home- its where you live, and if you look deeper at alopecia, its more than just hair.. its health. Long term health. Mental, emotional, physical health.
When I wasn't understanding a subject in school. I got a tutor. When I didn't understand a concept I asked for help, guidance and sought out people who have done what I wanted to accomplish. We now call them coaches, gurus, advisors and search HOW TO .... online. Right?
Now its your turn.
Whatever path you decide, you need to know that 50% effort garners 50% results. If you want 100% results, you need to follow directions and not cut corners. Cheating yourself of full health will not work. Saying you have tried this and that, and its only been a week, a month or two.. is not that same as being consistent.. EVERY. DAY.
It's easy for me to pinpoint why clients are not seeing progress, and what is essentially holding them back. My job is to streamline everything, help you understand where you are going wrong and to get you back on track. Through research, science and experience of helping hundreds of clients, I am able to save you time and money- so again, be comfortable with investing in yourself and know to follow directions. Healing alopecia is like a recipe= if you skip a step, it won't work. But before you can put the recipe together, you need to know the full ingredients list and steps! RIGHT?
So here are my top 3 things to do when feeling stuck with your hairloss: (These are your options)
1. Ask for Help
I mentioned that former blog post, which gives you questions to ask and to see how your chosen alopecia expert measures up. Asking the right questions is critical to getting the real help you need. Get the coaching session, make the most of it. This is why coaching exists- so you get ahead sooner rather than later, so you make the changes and tweaks you need to overcome the stagnation of not seeing hair growth or any hair come back! Remember, getting a tutor for a subject you don't understand is OK, it's being open to learning and open to help that is necessary for you to get ahead.
2. Be open to Getting Educated through courses or Programs
The #1 reason I created the courses and programs for alopecia and hairloss, is that you wouldn't have to suffer any longer with this debilitating situation. Alopecia and hairloss effects you and your family in different ways, but it also debilitates you emotionally, physically, and then some! Being open to being educated is key. I believe there are two subjects that most people are not taught correctly- one is diet and lifestyle and the other is finances. If you look at statistics you might as well agree because as a population we are not getting healthier, even with modern technology, we are getting sicker, having more and more diseases at a younger age and also for the most part, being more dependent on drugs and medications in order to give us 'quality of life', when in reality its diet and lifestyle on a consistent basis that offers true quality of life.
For those of you in the health and wellness industry, there is always more to learn. I have helped nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists and personal trainers regain their hair. Don't let your ego get in the way of getting your hair back... its costing you more than you know!
3. Insist to keep going alone and Doing It All Yourself
I get it, I was there myself. I too, did it myself, after making healing my full time job. No weekends and no breaks- I was OBSESSED with getting my hair back. And I did. But it also took me over 3+ years. Imagine all the time I spent, the money and sleepless nights... had I had the right help- that would have been significantly diminished. I searched and there was no help anywhere. Yes I saw countless doctors, in several states and countires, read books, did research but it was on the final year that finally I saw some hair growth... AFTER THREE YEARS, And then, of course I healed and knew something had to change. That my secret to healing should not be kept for me alone... that I needed to help and share with others. You can keep going on your own, but I doubt anything will change or move the needle.... in essence tenacity and perseverance are needed- I kept going... I knew I would heal... some way some how, without meds and gimmicks. I knew I would get my hair back. I didn't realize the journey would be so difficult but it was worth it. Learn from experience- don't go alone.... and if you do, you also need to know that it might take you longer than me or then you actually anticipate... cheers to you if you take this route, its not recommended, but hey, I get it.


Additional Thought:
Pricing of going it alone or investing in a course or program:
My method of doing it alone, cost me over $8,000 and that was just the financial aspect. (no wigs included) It cost me lots of tears, heartache, pain and insomnia.... not being able to live my life fully and completely, not feeling like myself and really feeling like I was stuck in the mud with no one to guide me but my intuition. The bigger picture to all this, is that I could have invested in a program, gotten my results in less time and saved money and tears along the way. I could have used that money for other things, like a vacation, savings or other life event. Sometimes though, learning the hard way is sometimes the only way we learn. ~You choose your path to success!

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