4 Signs You Are Healing Your Alopecia Naturally

Mar 20, 2020
You just finished the Alopecia Angel Starter Kit or the Alopecia Angel Signature Program and within a short time, you are seeing hair growth.., you are already seeing changes.
I know its exciting and scary all at the same time. So how do you know if its permanent? How do you know it won't just go away after 6 or 12 months?
Here are the signs that you are healing and here is the way to keep moving forward with your new hair growth.
For those of you new to Alopecia Angel, this is the only way that I have experienced and seen it duplicated in many others that actually truly helps to get your hair back. Through my own personal struggles, I have created a program to help others going through the same thing: Hairloss.
Regardless of the type of hairloss, you can heal your alopecia (medical term for hairloss) and you can recover your health and hair. After more than 3 years doing this, seeing the results in me and in others who have had hairloss far worse than me, there is proof that if you follow the steps, hair and health are yours. If you cheat, you just cheat yourself out of amazing results.
Signs you are healing your alopecia include the following;
1. You are feeling better. All around. In a previous blog post, I mentioned how Alopecia is more than just hair, it comes with a multitude of symptoms and characteristics beyond the hair loss. You are feeling way better than previous weeks and months. Your body all around is responding to the program and new habits and its doing its best to recuperate.
I know exactly what you are going through, because I have lived it personally for more than 2 years. And after recuperating my full hair and full health, I am able to help heal all program participants and coaching clients.
2. You can see signs in your bowel movements that things are working better. Yes, our poop tells us a lot especially if we stop to look at it. I go through this in my program and I think its necessary to understand our bowel movements and bathroom habits to ensure full health and to be able to gauge what truly is normal for you, instead of just measuring against a national average because really, I don't think you want to be average! (I don't!)
3 The shedding has stopped and left the building. Yes, finally, we can pause all that extra hair shed you've been finding on the floor, in the shower and around the house. Stopping the hair shed is an immediate great reaction... your body has halted the process of attacking itself and its switching gears to make room for healthy hair.
4. Hair growth. Its seems like a miracle, but its really the new lifestyle and healthy habits you have learned to implement... you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, you are now seeing hair growth, which is exciting and potentially scary for some too, as a recent client told me. I was relieved when I started to see hair growth, the massive amounts of growth in just 6 months led me to think and know that I had to share this wealth of information with others. That I couldn't keep it all to myself and be selfish... that the alopecia community needed to know they had more power over their hair growth and health than what conventional medicine has led them to believe. This hair growth will continue growing, filling out beautifully. If you started completely bald, or totalis or universalis, you are now seeing hair growth as well. When your body gets the correct signals to not attack itself, and that it's safe again, it will grow hair. We ensure your body is back in a safe haven to allow this to happen, quicker results come from quicker action and following all the steps.
How soon can you see regrowth occur? 80% of my clients see new hair growth in less than 3 months, many as soon as one month! Full hair growth depends on each person individually. However I have seen baldies get full pixie hair cuts in about 12 months. I have seen clients with more than 10 bald patches get full regrowth in 9 months or less. It all depends.
Another question I get often is if this program is good for scarring alopecia or AGA or female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness. My answer is simple, this program teaches you the in's and out's of hair health, we go through many steps to reboot your current health, teaching you along the way the things that can interfere with your health and hairgrowth. Granted your condition leans more towards genetics, however, that doesn't mean you can't improve your health and support your body and its immune system. My program does just that... supports the immune system, teaches you about true health to get that hair back and reverse alopecia.
So what to do from here?
So you finished the signature program, are seeing hair growth, how to maintain it and how to keep going?
There are pillars of health that I go over in the Alopecia Angel Program and in the books. Heeding to this advice and staying committed to your health will keep you, your hair and your body healthy, not just for now, but also for long term.
It's been now more than 3 years that I have had alopecia no more; I have helped countless people regain their hair and health. It feels amazing to do so, because really, you can overcome this, you can go back to having full hair, and you can stop the shedding and you can do so much to improve your health. You are worth it!
Want more info? Next program starts April 11, 2020.

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