4 Ways to Use Lockdown to Your Benefit with Alopecia

Jun 01, 2020
Lockdown has been an interesting time... many of us are still in it and some are re-emerging. Wherever you are, use setbacks whether imposed or not, to your benefit. Here's how:
1. Avoid Temptation 
Are you always tempted to eat, drink or participate in activities that you know aren’t healthy? Feel the pressure from friends and family to indulge when you know you shouldn’t? 
Avoiding tempting circumstances and situations should be easier now, because well, everything is closed and we are still indoors and in our own bubbles. Use this time to move towards your health goals. See what's pressuring you and see how you can mitigate that with boundaries. See opportunities for growth which you can adjust or put into practice now.
2. Total Control 
Need more control over your children or yourself? Now is the the perfect time to use the boundaries imposed on nations and cities across the world to our benefit. How you ask? Because now you can follow everything I say and ask of you through my 2 Month Program or Do it Yourself through the Starter Kit. You can and will see results by the end of the program and also re-emerge from lockdown being and feeling healthier. Its up to you to use this time to control what you are allowing yourself and your children so that healing can take place. A parent in my program currently has used this time for her 11 year old child and has already seen changes and hair growth in her child. Now she is excited because she won't have to return back to school with over 50% hairloss, rather, hair growth, pony tails and the ability to swim, do cart wheels and hand stands without fear or her hairloss showing. Mission accomplished for this mom, daughter and family! Why not choose to do the same? Its easier when you can control what foods and habits come in and out of the home during lockdown. Do it for you or the loved one in need.
3. Re-Evaluate 
Re-evaluate what you want in your life. Prior to lockdown were you completely happy? Did you have concerns? Health concerns? Other concerns? Use this time to think of the areas where you want to improve. I know if you are reading this, health is of the utmost importance to you, so what are you doing about it? You have more control over your health and hair growth than you think. We actually do control more than we give ourselves credit for. We can control, what we say, what we do, our habits, what we choose to eat, our thoughts, what we watch, who we hang out with, what we read, what we listen to and so much more.
Re-evaluating means taking responsibility for things that weren’t serving you, and doing something about it. If that means, changing your perspective or doing something quite dramatic to get the results you want. 
Re-evaluating allows for perspective and also for self reflection. We all want to be healthy, we all want to be happy, and that’s not far away for any of us. We can do that and be much more. We can have and do what we yearn and desire. 
I can teach you how to get both = health and hair sooner, faster and quicker.
4. Plan It Out 
There’s nothing more I love than planning. Planning vacations, planning next steps, planning my week, planning my day, planning is key to organization, goals and accomplishments. Even when plans take a detour, you can still plan and pivot and make the best of it.
Planning is key so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, so that you can control how you spend your time and where. So that you don’t mismanage your time. So after the re-evaluation, plan it out and take action. Make a list, do what you can now from lockdown and do what you can after. 
Following through is key to those next steps…. to succeed in goals and in life. 
Take this time to follow through. If you’ve been wanting health and hair for awhile, don’t delay. get going; in less than two months you can be sporting new hair and renewed health. 

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