5 Reasons Why Covid Lockdown is The BEST Time to Heal Your Alopecia

Jul 28, 2020
Lockdown has been different, difficult and challenging for us all, we've had to adjust and change our routines and also change our life for a bit. It's something new and somewhat uncertain for us all. I feel for those in places where a second lockdown has happened and potentially another is looming for others too! This can add on more frustration and anxiety, however we control how we look at things, and how we perceive them. For many, they've seen this as a perfect time to get the healing they want for their alopecia and begin their hair growth journey with far more success!
I like to look at the positive, and find the light out of every situation, even hairloss. Many times clients have told me and acknowledged that doing my program during this pandemic has been the best thing for them and parents agree too. It's easier to modify foods and other life patterns and habits when you have no where to go, no family gatherings, no birthday parties, no excuses! Here are my top 5 reasons why its easier and even the best time to do the Signature Program during lockdown as per observing my many clients and their success rate in hair growth.
1. Clients have told me that they are easily able to focus on the right foods and changes, without getting distracted with parties, office happy hours, or date nights or anything else that would deter them from straying from the course. With Lockdown its easier because they have no where to go, and can focus on themselves, staying distant and taking a deep dive into their health during the program. Being aware of what's going on and how your body reacts is important and not something you can bull doze over.
Parents agree, that during this time, making the changes for their children with alopecia has been quite easy, (yay) seeing results sooner rather than later. Its actually made the whole family healthy, promoting hair growth in their child and buidling that confidence back up in children and adults alike. Getting them ready for when school starts with great success, added strength in the immune system, and ready to learn while seeing their hair continue to grow. What a magical time, to have alopecia as a child, and go back to school with it growing in and not really much of an issue anymore!
2. Lockdown is a time where you are inside and indoors. With limited activities, you now get to focus on the activities you never did before, always wanted to try and couldn't and so much more. My program is 100% online and the activities I encourage you to do can be done online, by yourself and at any time you want, regardless of schedule or time zone difference, it adapts to you and is there for you all the time. There are no excuses and its great to have no where to go to be able to just do it!
3. Lockdown gives you and everyone the opportunity to focus on you. Many of you focus on others 100% of the time, leaving yourself last. Tackling alopecia and your health once and for all is what this program teaches you to do, so you can be your best self, with best health and best hair. Imagine this time much like a caterpillar, going into its cocoon and emerging as a gorgeous butterfly. We all need some time and space for ourselves and thinking we are doing ourselves any service with a "here and there" approach and half way attempts- obviously doesn't give us any results. Think about having the time and carving it out each day easily as you are home with no commute, with no where to go really. Small changes leads to big results. Many of my clients see hair growth in 3, 4 or 5 weeks. Why not you?
4. Being in lockdown, doing the program creates not just hair growth, but also boosts your immune system so you are less susceptible to catching colds, flus, viruses, including covid. Healing alopecia has many benefits, not just hair growth, but also fixing the ancillary symptoms that tag along, like fatigue, digestive issues, brain fog, itchy and dry skin, at the same time ensuring your immune system is strong, this is key for success now and for long-term health. Learn what you need to know now so you are empowered, knowledgeable and can keep alopecia asleep and dormant. For good! For life.
5. Easy Implementation. Having the guidance and someone holding your hand each week is very important for your questions, for support and also for any concerns that come up. Doing something new is exciting and daunting at the same time. I am with you each step of the way, so guidance is there for your success. Support and accountability is there. It's easy to implement all the items needed in a week by week setting, not overwhelming anyone or making it too hard or difficult for them to attain. It's all possible and attainable. I make it easy and all in bite size info.
I am so proud to say that I have a 90% success rate with my clients. All you need to do is follow the instructions, apply all the learnings and be a student who is ready to learn and open. We each have our blindspots and many times that's exactly the thing we need to tackle the most. Its not just diet, its not just vitamins, it not just one thing or another, its all of it. If you are ready to commit to yourself and to your hair health, then consider doing this program. Next one starts in October. (and it's the last one of the year) Registration will be open for just a few days beginning in September. There's a BIG window of opportunity waiting for you. I look forward to working with you! Learn more

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