5 Reasons Your Hair is Falling Out

Jun 30, 2019
When I hit puberty I blossomed. Literally. Not just with becoming a young lady, but also blossomed with tight curls. I remember like it was yesterday. I went to the water park with a friend of mine. Went to our day of fun with my typical wavy, thick ponytail and came back with tight curls out of no where... it was amazing. Loved the new look and realized it was the new me without much thought. Hair fall and getting used to my new hair was hard. It was knotty and because of the hair knots, more hair would fall and get stuck in the brush. It was all a process of learning. Then came alopecia, and that process of becoming and learning, also started over. It's true, with each new level of growth you need to "level up" to grow and evolve. This is very true. Alopecia was a new level. However, outside of alopecia, there are other reasons why your hair could be falling out.
1. Is your iron or B vitamins low? This shows pretty easily in hair and skin if you are anemic or not getting the nutrition you need. If you happen to have eating disorders or again, not getting the nutrients needed, or perhaps nutrients are not being absorbed... (a quick look at your stool should indicate this) then perhaps we need to change your diet, increase some supplements and see where other habits can be improved. Need help? I created a cookbook and nutrition guide to help you.
2. Hormonal Changes can take a toll. Whether that's menopause, puberty, getting on or off the pill, or you just had a baby. The women's body is an amazing vehicle to creating life and changes throughout life. If you are losing hair, potentially its all hormonal if you fit any of the above situations. Thyroid can also be another hidden factor and concern.
3. Medications many times play a part. I have another blog post with all the thyroid, prescriptions and various birth controls that have hair loss as a side effect. What meds are you taking on the regular? See about their side effects, ask before taking something new and check here to see if the meds you are on now, are on this list!
4. Stress. Stress can creep up on us like BAM. And many times you don't know its stress because it shows itself in other ways. Stress can be masked as hairloss, stomach aches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, ulcers, addiction, allergies and so much more. Stress accounts for 70-90% of the root cause to all doctor visits! And it's also costing many billions for the EU (20) and many more for the USA (190). Yes I know a lot about this topic, because I am actually giving a presentation about stress in Nashville in front of 300+ engineers in less than 20 days away! Stress can be one of many factors for alopecia in general. Stress can be so strong that we "burn out" have "break downs" and instigate autoimmune disease. Stress can be managed and with changes to diet and lifestyle you can reverse the hairloss and get back on track to being TRULY healthy. Going through alopecia myself I learned what was healthy and what is no longer healthy. It took some time, but now, I am so much more in control of my physical, mental and spiritual health. Not to mention, my hair!
5. Hair Trends. Yes I am talking about cornrows, tight braids, keratin, relaxers, chemicals and anything else you do to enhance or style your hair. More than likely this has all affected your hair loss. I have written posts about tight braids and cornrows before, and I know Brazilian blow outs use a lot of harmful chemicals that have increased hairloss for many, including the popular Monat or Minoxdil or Rogaine. They can increase hair growth in some, but not in alopecia, and Monat especially, has many law suits against them. Plus once you start, you are obligated to continue use or guess what... more hair loss! You can google this easily. Buyer beware... healthy hair comes from the inside... inside of you... a healthier you! You can't cheat on this fact... its either you get your insides healthy or you don't.
Want healthy hair? Book a free consult to see how Alopecia Angel can help you!

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