6 Reasons That Are Keeping You from Healing Your Alopecia and Hairloss Permanently!

Aug 04, 2020
Did it ever occur to you that there could be something YOU are doing from keeping yourself from healing alopecia? Many times we, ourselves, are our biggest roadblocks. I see sometimes in clients, and sometimes, its very prevalent in forums, online, in facebook and in other areas where people are not letting themselves heal unbeknownst to them. Most importantly, until they see that they are the cause of that situation, they cannot get help from others; meaning nothing anyone does to help them heal won't work until they realize they are their own obstacle. Here are the top 6 indicators that you are obstructing your own healing.
1. MindSet
Mindset is everything. You need to believe you can heal, you need to believe in yourself and in your body. It saddens me when I see people post about how their body has " betrayed them" and how they think that this is it, and this is the hand they were dealt with. You need mindset to overcome obstacles and challenges. You need to be tenacious and perseverant to keep going.
I was recording a podcast interview last week and the host had ulcerative colitis for 10 years until she was able to heal and put it into remission with diet and lifestyle. Ulcerative Colitis, is also an autoimmune disease. The host had a massive "Ah Ha" moment when we were speaking as she told me that she was always saying to herself "why me" - "why is this happening to me" and I revealed that I never said that to myself. Actually, I was always thinking and saying, "what is this trying to teach me"- " what do I need to learn"
Many times, asking the right questions gives you a better edge, and thus she and I concluded that I was able to heal faster and reverse my alopecia in a little over 2 years, versus she, who took 10 years. Its all about mindset and where you start. If you start with the wrong questions you will be going down the wrong road. Which will take longer. The detour is up to you.
2. Playing the Victim
This goes along with the above. Many times we ask "why me" when we should try to solve this as if it's a problem of any other kind. Before creating Alopecia Angel, I had worked at Apple, yes that big tech company; we were taught in many ways to think outside the box, to keep searching for answers and to be relentless and guess what, it paid off. I got the results and so do my clients. Don't play the victim, just ask better questions and make a decision to keep going. Many times, if you continuously take action, you will also see results that can lead you to another thing and so on. This is just the start, so keep going!
A side note to this one would be making excuses. Because you don't have the time, you don't have the money, you don't have the support. Let me tell you, I had no support, used my savings and still got it done! There are no excuses, there are no But's. Its all about how much you want it. When there is a WILL there is always a WAY. Guarantee that.
Additionally, understand that no one is going to save you. You need to do the work. Yes I give you blue prints, guidance, accountability, support etc, but the work ultimately comes from you.
3. Negative Nancy Syndrome
When I first was diagnosed with alopecia, I much like many, took to forums and online groups to see what news and relevant info there is out there. WOW, was I stunned with the amount of hate speech, the amount of negativity and awful comments. It's something new for me to be exposed to so much negativity, as I myself am very positive and optimistic, even in the bad times. I realize that people who burn inside with negative thoughts, actions, speech and comments are only hurting themselves. They are the bitter ones who cannot overcome the deep darkness that lies within them. And unfortunately, as much as they say they want to be helped, they don't. They prefer to live in their misery. I like to stay away from the negativity and from the hate speech- because its toxic and it spreads like cancer. I don't subscribe to that because negativity never wins, negativity never is a solution nor will it bring you closer to the answers you seek. If there is one thing in life, stay positive, stay hopeful, have faith and know if you keep trying you will prevail. But don't get stuck in this pattern of hate and negativity and don't keep that type of company either, create boundaries- its for your health.
Quick story, I came across a person who had a free consultation with me. She was very aggressive and turned our time into an interview. While she was badgering me with her questions I realize I couldn't help her even if I wanted to..... because she is the classic case. She doesn't believe healing is possible because she's had alopecia all her life, she thinks diet and lifestyle isn't enough and while she did mention she has a team of medical doctors helping her, she is still bald, cynical, distrusting. and hurt. Don't let yourself become like this person, hurting so much, so deeply that you think no one can help. The help you seek starts with you. Help yourself to do better and see better. Be open. Don't hate on others because they have figured it out and have results... just the opposite, learn from them!
4. Not Being the Student
Not being the student means you are not open. You think you have all the answers, you think you've done it all. If you don't have (permanent) hair growth then you should be an open minded student- there is always something new you can learn and something new you can try! I know of a doctor who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It took her 20 years to reverse it. She went from wheelchair bound to marathon running- yup, the story is incredible, however I wonder if she was a student of learning, or whether she too "knew it all" and didn't want to be open to "diet and lifestyle" which eventually healed her MS. It wasn't modern medicine, it was diet and lifestyle. (same thing that healed my alopecia and that of my clients) We need to be open to doing things we haven't done in order to get the results we want. Period. It may take you 2 months, 20 years or more, but that's up to you. Do you want to apply things, be a student and learn and do better? Your hair growth will give you the grade, not me.
5. Not Taking Action
I had a coaching session the other day with someone who's been dealing with alopecia for many years and has hair, but also has the looming bald spots. She has everything she needs to get going, The Starter Kit, she had a coaching session with me, and still she cannot motivate herself to get going. If there is something I cannot do for you, its the actual work.
I understand changing diet and lifestyle can be uncomfortable but is hairloss less or more uncomfortable? Are you ok with hairloss and bald spots or going bald? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Lack of action is getting you nowhere, and this person will continue to be in the same vicious cycle of hairloss until she decides that hair growth and health are more important than her bad habits, bad diet, and lack of action. Being comfortable is not a place for growth, prosperity or success. It breeds mediocrity and gives you a sense of false security and safety. There is nothing safe in not taking action and having everything at your fingertips and yet continuously dealing and battling alopecia. Stop battling and start taking action to see the health emerge and the hair growth come about.
I can cheer you on, I am your biggest supporter, but the work, ultimately comes from you.
6. Thinking that Diet Alone is the Trick
When I tout Diet and Lifestyle as necessary to heal alopecia, please note, it really takes both. Its not one or the other. It's not what makes you feel good, or the changes that are easy for you, its all of it. The good, the bad, and the uncomfortable. Getting to the root cause does involve getting uncomfortable and facing it. Whatever "It" is. In reality though, the root cause is more than one thing too, its all of it, that's why this is not a a get hair quick situation, its diet and lifestyle for life. New You needs and takes a new diet and a new lifestyle, for you, for life for long term results of hair growth and success, otherwise you wouldn't have alopecia at all to begin with if your diet and lifestyle was perfect... obviously something is off. It was for me, and although it can take some time to show, it will continue to manifest unless you make the changes for you. No one else can do this for you. However, let me say that getting the right info is also needed. I have a handful of clients who have seen other alopecia experts and have spent lots of money and have no results for it. What's more is that the info they were given is completely opposite of what I think and know will get you results. This also saddens me because I too was in that spot.. wanting answers, wanting to know what to do to make it work and have hair again. There's a reason why the Signature Program has a success rate of 90% because I have been through it, and through the same sweat, tears and uncomfortableness, I too saw results. It takes one to know how to help others. That's why this work is so important to me. To get the word out, to get more healing, and less alopecia. Imagine all the time, money and heartache you can save just by going through my experience of healing and the results of countless others.
Bonus: Ask the right questions before taking on the help of someone or some product to help you with your alopecia.
Here is a past blog post where I talk about questions to ask and things to look for from someone who says they can help with alopecia. Health is ultimately an investment, and I much like you, tried many things before getting results. And this is why I started Alopecia Angel, to not waste your time or money. Learn, apply, and be open. You will emerge a new person with health and hair!

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