7 Reasons Medical Care Stops Working

May 28, 2019
In a recent book I read by Deepak Chopra called, "The Healing Self", the authors state that Medical Care/ Health Care as we know it, will fail you, if not already. In addition, that " The whole person" and a "whole system" approach needs to be evaluated and taken into consideration. Whole system and whole body approach being equivalent to a holistic form of medicine. Looking at more than just what ails you, but rather, seeing where the disconnect can be triggered from. The whole person approach is exactly how Alopecia Angel is structured. Every aspect of You, is just as important and critical to your healing as well as for longevity. Long term health isn't always on the forefront of one's mind, but if you can change your habits today to create a healthier future, why not take steps now to pave the path to healthy living and not just retirement. Being your own advocate is the true core of the book, and if you aren't your own advocate, than more than likely the system can and will fail you.
7 Reasons Health Care will Fail You:
  1. The doctor doesn’t know what made you sick
  2. The available treatments are too risky, toxic, expensive or all three
  3. There is no drug or surgery that will resolve the situation
  4. Side effects of treatment outweighs the benefits
  5. Your condition is too far advanced to be reversed
  6. You are too old to treat safely or with much hope of recovery
  7. Somewhere along the line, a doctor made a mistake
Have you experienced any of the above? I have. I am sure many of my readers have too! I have come across many upon many people with autoimmune conditions outside of alopecia or in combination with alopecia, that have also received the run around, seeing doctor after doctor after doctor with no results in getting better; only amounting bills, timely visits and prescribed pills or creams which do nothing more than cover up the true issue and root cause.
The Whole System approach or "going Holistic" as I like to call it, is the only way to true health. I truly believe we are made to heal and thrive, we just need to support our bodies in the best manners possible. It can take years for issues or disease to manifest itself into a full blown condition, but there is always hope in reversing it.
I am not surprised to see success stories of people going through Alopecia Angel's Program and healing their alopecia, adult acne, allergies and much more after more than 5, 10, even 15 years of having alopecia. A little guidance, expert advice, and having had the experience goes a long way.
As you know, alopecia can start at anytime, as a child or adult, but once you know how to heal, you can ensure healing remains and thriving begins with all the lessons, tools and new learnings you have gained.
Take control of your healing, take control of your health. Don't just take orders from doctors who spend less than 10 minutes with you at the appointment. Ask questions, be informed. Educate yourself. Be curious about other modalities of healing including Ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbs and natural healing. This is how I healed my alopecia, and this is how my clients heal theirs too!

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