7 Tips to Protect yourself During Alopecia Amid the Coronavirus

Mar 11, 2020
There's been lots of news in terms of the corona virus. In this post I want to give you tips on how to stay healthy while you are getting healthy and reversing your alopecia.
Just like there is tons of information on various diets... not all that info applies to you. Same with coronavirus or any other type of recommendation because you are not the general public. You are in fact, special, very special, so special that your immune system is confusing itself. And due to this, not all diets, not all protocols and not all recommendations can work or be applied to you.
Does having alopecia or any other autoimmune disease make you more susceptible to getting the corona virus or any other disease more easily? Yes. Because your immune system is already compromised and it’s all ready battling itself- unfortunately- and attacking your hair follicles.
Can alopecia be reversed?
YES, it can be reversed naturally, see my website for more details. How to stay healthy amid Covid19? Here are 7 tips that I am using and also recommending: 1. Diet
If you know me by now, it all starts with diet. I detail this in my books and also go over all the vitamins and supplements you need to boost your immune system. At this time, you want to add in extra vitamins in particular vitamin C and D3 while focusing on a clean diet.
I can't stress enough how supplements alone will not help you or your cause. It needs to be paired with an excellent diet which this too can be difficult in navigating. Schedule a call with me so I can guide you through this if you need.
2. Cleanliness is Godliness
Wash hands continuously, wipe down surfaces in your car, house and office, everything from the phones, tablets, computers, light switches, remote controls, door knobs, especially in high traffic places like bathrooms and kitchens. You want to avoid hand sanitizer and opt to make your own because hand sanitizer has lots of chemicals that will leach into your skin. Make your own easily in a small spray bottle using tea tree oil, some plain rubbing alcohol or generic vodka and add some lavender essential oil to it as well. Spray this on hands, steering wheels, radio tuners and so much more to clean surfaces. If you hear someone cough, stay away from them— apparently you need to be farther than 6 feet away to not get anything from this person, and even then, I would run the other way. Watch out for others while on public transportation, avoid getting too close and keep your distance. Personally, I’ve limited my exposure while out and about, trying to do errands when it’s least busy. My husband recently had the flu and I quarantined him in the bedroom- total isolation. Think about where you can quarantine a loved one when needed.
If you've been lagging, now's the time to catch up on that; wash jackets, scarves, gloves and anything that you use on a daily basis. I also like to keep shoes out of the house to not bring in dirt and grime from outside. Wash the re-usable grocery bags too... everything should be disinfected at least once a week. If someone has been recently sick in your household, wash their sheets and towels every 2-3 days which helps in not spreading germs or having them linger.


3. Travel
Should you travel? Mmmmm more than likely you are ok, although I do hate the recycled air on long haul flights... but it if you can avoid it, it might be better. Planes and trains and hotels have too many people swarming these areas and only now are they upping their hygiene protocols when really it should have been in place on a more consistent basis. Who also gets disgusted with plane bathrooms?
Travel with clean wipes and wipe down everything in your area for the plane seat, in the hotel room that you are using, handles, door knobs, remote, phone and same for train, everything from the table to the arm rests when possible. If you decide to travel, go somewhere the virus isn't strongly spreading like Latin America and South America. It's also summer down there, so it's a great time to visit.
4. Online
Other tips on avoiding infectious diseases, utilize online shopping when possible. Do as much online as you can, from conferences to groceries to food delivery, taxes, paying bills and even making appointments; try to do them all online and only go in person when necessary. See if you can work remote and think about a back up plan for your little one should she/he need to stay home from school.
5. Sauna
How does the spa and sauna sound? I love spa days and going into the sauna feels amazing. If you can get a hold of a sauna from a local gym or day spa, I would highly encourage you to use it. According to experts, spending time in the sauna detoxes you but also kills germs and viruses. It boosts your immune system and helps you keep yourself healthier. I would recommend going 2-3 times a week if possible.
You don't need more than 20 minutes, even though after 20 minutes, I am ready for a heavenly night sleep. Many gyms offer this and its included in the monthly price. Do not sauna if you are pregnant.
6. Spring Clean
It's spring and I love getting the house cleaned. Whether you do it yourself or get it from a professional, go deep, real deep into the nooks and crannies of your house to ensure everything is super clean and sanitized.
Another thing I also like to do is air out the house and also sanitize with palo santo or dried sage. Dried sage or palo santo, can easily be purchased at whole foods or most natural food stores. Anytime you want to clean the air or energy from the house or room you are in, burn a little of this dried sage or palo santo and then air it out with open windows... this cleanses the air, killing up to 94% of bacteria and fungi, and its science backed! It also helps people with respiratory infections - just make sure the smoke has cleared once you go back in. Clean air is great for many with health issues and concerns including:
respiratory infections
lung cancer
heart problems
7. To Touch or Not To Touch
Currently, I am using gloves when possible to touch surfaces, I also use elbows to open public doors or my foot, I don't shake hands or kiss people anymore unless it's family. I try to keep hands off my face and continuously wash hands. before and after eating, or prepping food. I've also limited eating out and having other people touch my food. I would avoid uncooked and raw foods at restaurants right now, including salads and fresh cut fruit.
All in all, there should be a more cautious perspective when you have an autoimmune disease, because you are more vulnerable.
Lastly, I recommend following my plan for reversing your alopecia and get healthy now. No better time like the present to boost your immune system, protect your health and regain your hair.
My program details everything you need to know to start growing your hair and getting healthy just like my various clients have. Ready to reverse alopecia, and start getting healthy immediately? Next program starts April 11!

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