8 Myths About Autoimmune Diseases

Apr 07, 2020
In an effort to educate, I think its important to address the myths that float around. Myths, that many take to heart, and many too preach them as if they were solid fact when in reality, its far from the truth. Do you know someone who believes something.. and regardless of how hard you try to convince them otherwise, they just don't want to believe or understand, or worse, they are in complete denial? I accept that these people want to believe what they want to believe- but you and I know, that deep down, they are mistaken and unfortunately, we cannot change their minds. In addition, thats not our job. If someone wants to believe they are doomed because of alopecia, or that there is no cure, than I guess, that's the way they have chosen to live. But in those thoughts and myths, they have undoubtedly limited themselves and robbed themselves from the possibility of healing. Let's get the facts right, and let's debunk these myths once and for all.


Myth #1 Autoimmune Disorders cannot be reversed
False. I have reversed my alopecia. And many other clients have, see success stories. In addition, I know many people who have reversed their Hashimoto's, their MS (multiple sclerosis ) and RA (rheumatoid arthritis) Many times its not through conventional medicine, and most times it is through diet and lifestyle. Taking pills is easy, but changing your life takes commitment- commitment to health. So don't believe you can't when really, its you won't and you don't want to! Own up to the responsibility.
Myth #2. Your symptoms won't disappear without harsh medications
False. Yes they can disappear without medications. Many times its our bodies that are yelling at us and we are failing to listen, to take notice and take charge for change. I teach you how to do this and what to look for during my two month signature program.
Myth #3 When you treat an autoimmune disorder with medications, the side effects are no big deal
False. Ouch this is a big one. I feel for people with autoimmune diseases, because I had one. And also because it targets 80% of women... women who are our mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts and so on. There are side effects, and the reason why I went natural, organic and holistic, is because I didn't want any side effects with my future children. Yes I think about that. And if you already had your kids- lucky you, but for those you haven't don't mess up your body before you've had the choice and option to have healthy children. This is why I wanted to support my body and its immune system versus getting the shots, taking pills that might give me kidney failure and liver failure. In men, hairloss meds cause impotence. Truth be told, I have a friend who married her husband who was on such meds for over 10 years due to his hairloss. And now... they can't have kids and their intimate life isn't where it should be for newlyweds. Let's avoid future issues by going natural and treating alopecia at the root cause versus holding our breaths with meds that do have implications for future health and no guarantees for efficacy or even working. I opted out and happy I did!
Myth #4 Improving digestion and gut health have no effect on the progression of an autoimmune disorder
Wrong again. I go through this thoroughly in my books and courses and programs. Gut health is extremely important for overall health and strong immunity.
Myth #5 Going Gluten Free won't make any difference to your autoimmune disorder
False again. Yes it does make a difference, but its not the only thing. There are many things that affect your autoimmune disease and I teach you what hinders it and what helps it. That's why my success rate is so high... I give you all the knowledge and experience that have helped me and others get back our hair, get back our health and give us quality of life, so we can live it more freely and more at ease, knowing immune system is up, hair and nails are great, and all the the other symptoms have gone away. You don't have to live in fear of alopecia returning, you don't have to live in dread of hairloss. You actually have more control thank you think, and again, I teach you how to accomplish this.
Myth #6 Having an autoimmune disorder dooms you to a poor quality of life
No, actually... But only if you choose. You and I both, have the choice to be happy, to persevere- to grow, and be better. If you choose and decide that this situation has doomed you for life than that's your choice. I chose to fight alopecia and do what it would take for me to get true health back and it worked. I chose faith, I chose to work for something I believed I was meant to have- true health and of course, my big hair.
I wasn't satisfied with just bald spots covered up-- I wanted my thick big hair as I used to have right before alopecia started. If you want a beautiful life, you can have it- starting right now, today.... all you need is to decide. Many times, it starts with mindset and then from there it flows. I was in a sad mood the other day and once I got inspired by a book, spoke to some friends, cooked a lovely meal and listened to some music, I was back on track to feeling like myself again. Yes there are times we feel sad, and that's ok... but its not OK to stay stuck there. We need to encourage ourselves and motivate ourselves to move forward. Forward is the only way. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow the sun will come out... keep a positive outlook and better things will come!


Myth #7 When it comes to an autoimmune disorder only your genes matter, nothing else.
Yaaaaa NOOOO. False again. Genetics do not determine your fate. Thank Goodness! Diet and lifestyle do. So if you by chance you eat and live like your parents, then perhaps you will end up like your parents. But if you choose a different diet and lifestyle then odds are you might be better off. I've said this before but there are somethings parents and schools do not teach us, one being nutrition and the other finances. I guess that's why we have a disease laden society who is heavily obese in the USA and in other countries. Not to mention the financial meltdown of 2008.
Due to epigenetics, our diet and lifestyle account for 75-85% of our quality of life and our health. Its a meer 10-15% that genes actually might have a small say. In actuality. if you commit to diet and lifestyle, you can change your DNA for the better and you can change your outcome regardless of whoever had whatever disease in your family. That's not necessarily your fate. Research shows that people who hang out with obese people have a 71% chance of becoming obese themselves. I actually know a doctor who's whole family is obese, but he isn't because he chose a different way of life. That's the beauty of life, we can choose what's best for us, and I can teach you what is best for you, someone in a special category due to alopecia/ autoimmune disease. The choice is yours!
Myth #8 Your immune system is what it is, there is nothing you can do to support it
So wrong on so many levels! There is a great deal you can do to heal. Did you know that the body rejuvenates itself constantly? Its truly amazing what the body is capable of. As it rejuvenates, you choose on a daily basis the future outcome for your health with eat bite, each thought, each action. Just like investing in your future retirement, the more you make the right decisions for your health today, then tomorrow you will be healthier with less disease and less health issues, reaping the rewards of being diligent with your health. Let's take my grandma for instance. She is 84 years old. Started pilates at 75- had never worked out before either. Changed her diet, reversed her fibromyalgia and reversed her thyroiditis. She's also 84 and on NO medications what so ever. She is healthy, lives alone and is physically, mentally, and emotionally sharp. She still drives!
I wish this for you and me, to be older yet active. To be older and full of life and energy. I too was in a family that knew nothing about nutrition and health, but guess what, we all can be the first! Now, my relatives come to me for advice. It's truly amazing what the body can do to heal- we just need to support it. Taking meds suppresses the immune system which can be dangerous, especially in times like these where an unknown virus may have fatal effects.
There is plenty to do to heal your alopecia naturally, support your immune system and to also reverse your alopecia -- once and for all. We just need you to commit to your health and well being. Hair will come, health will come when you take the action steps required for true health and longevity.
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