Allergies Season with Alopecia

Apr 09, 2019
Spring is here, which means you might be suffering from allergies.
What does this have to do with alopecia?
Well if you are losing hair at the moment and are on my program (Alopecia Angel Bootcamp) you will want to stay away from over the counter meds and NSAIDS that can affect your alopecia and recovery from it.
In my book I mention how I use to use Advil every month for my cycle and cramps. No more. The habitual use of over the counter drugs and NSAIDS have negative effects even though they seem harmless, especially if it’s habitual, like every month, week or season of allergies.
It’s best to go natural with remedies to support your bodies’ natural defenses, which is my method for both alopecia and allergies.
Natural remedies for allergies include:
1. Eating local bee pollen and local raw honey daily (just a little half teaspoon will do) You will need to do this at least for 30 days+ before allergy season starts and throughout
2. Taking Apple cider vinegar daily with water
3. Using a Neti pot to cleanse your nasal passages (be sure to use clean water, not water from the tap)
4. Nettle leaf tea
5. Probiotics
6. Acupuncture
7. Herbal supplements
Want to learn more on how to heal your alopecia? Checkout my page - I have new online courses in English and Spanish, offer books, have a new cookbook, offer trainings, coaching and free consultations ~ book yours today to start the process of healing your health and your hair!

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