Alopecia and Genetics: What You Should Know

Aug 18, 2020
Do you think your genes are the "root cause" to your alopecia or your autoimmune disease? Many times I see people mistakenly think this... but it's not true. We are told that our genes determine how we age, and how our health is, and likely hood of getting cancer, or diabetes or anything else... however, this needs to be clarified. Research on identical twins reveals that it’s not your genes that determine your healthspan but your lifestyle and diet that play a much more important role. Identical twins are born with the same genes, a fact that will not change, but by age seventy, many identical twins are as unalike in their health status as two people chosen at random.
What makes the difference is known as gene expression. DNA is an inactive molecule, but its expression into active molecules (proteins), is influenced by all the factors that determine the difference between aging well or badly. The active side of genetics belongs to the field of epigenetics, which controls whether a gene is turned on or off. You carry around at the epigenetic level all the major experiences of your lifetime. As these accumulate, they automatically divide into experiences that promote a long healthspan and those that do the opposite.
For example I know someone who's whole family is obese, and yet he isn't. He chose diet and lifestyle and chose a better way of life. Just because you are born into something, doesn't mean you cannot change - YOU CAN CHANGE the trajectory of your life and the quality of your life.
Here is where a breakthrough is possible that could make an enormous difference. We know that you cannot change the genes you were born with however, even though you can not change the genes you are born with, you can change their expression, which is what matters. Also, 90% of your genes are not in your cells but in your gut microbiome. (diet) Trillions of bacteria in your digestive tract do more than digest food. They constitute an immense chemical factory sending messages to every part of the body. Humans have evolved in cooperation with these bacteria. They are not alien or separate from you; they are part of your evolution, affecting you every moment.
Chemical messages can be harmful, such as those that create inflammation or promote stress, or they can also be beneficial. Your microbiome is unique to you and constantly shifting. In essence, you are changing the vast majority of your genes through your lifestyle, for the gut microbiome amounts to 90% of your genes. The genes you were born with amount to only 10% of your total genome. The good news here is that you can change their expression, also.
Healthspan, hair growth, and health overall, therefore, depends on living in such a way that that diet and lifestyle are in harmony, insynch and thus not only allows for you to overcome alopecia but all the other health symptoms or conditions you are facing.... with modifications and change, you can be the healthiest YOU. EVER! Diet and lifestyle need to be on point... not just for a day or two, not just for a month or so, but long term.
No one has really taught us that, not our parents, not schools, teachers, nor doctors or governments- they all fail to provide adequate and accurate information to be healthy. What's more is that diet and lifestyle looks a lot different for someone with alopecia then for someone without. Again, something no one has told us, and only through trial and error, experience and success in hair growth, have I been able to acquire the knowledge and see the results, not just in me and my full head of hair but also in my clients. See their success stories, testimonials. and read my story.
Through diet and lifestyle you are able to take control of your destiny, of your future and you are able to start creating a better future, RIGHT NOW, TODAY if you wanted to.
The choice is yours because ultimately, no one is coming to save you. Diet and lifestyle takes work that you must implement, it is a long term strategy for life long results.
Don't blame your genes or genetics, its all about taking responsibility. When you know better, you do better, so learn to do better and see the results you crave and desire, get your health back, get your hair growing and keep it there, long term- without any more fear of alopecia or hairloss coming back or threatening your well being. You can do this, you can overcome alopecia and put it to sleep. Diet and lifestyle is the most natural form of harmonizing your body and bringing it back to balance. Without diet and lifestyle, nothing will work. This is foundational and critical to your success.
Where to start?
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