Alopecia and Hairloss: Experience Counts!

May 21, 2020
In speaking with clients, I realize many come to me, even though they have seen multiple doctors with no significant results to show, with no real satisfaction. Frustrated, they keep searching because they've spent time and money on doctors when doctors in genreral have never healed anyone with alopecia, have never had it themselves nor can they follow any protocol outside of their box of knowledge.
Their box is small because alopecia and autoimmune diseases are also relatively new, coming into our vocabulary 15-20 years ago and unfortunately, it has only one option today: prescriptions and drugs in the form of creams, cortisone shots or pills.
When looking to travel somewhere, I like talking to friends and even researching guidebooks to see what they recommend, sites to visit, things to do, eat and explore. Much like traveling and asking for advice on a new destination, you cannot expect someone who's never left the country to tell you about Indonesia when they haven't been. You can't expect someone to tell you about Carnaval in Brazil when they've never experienced it nor have they set foot in South America.
I have traveled the road of alopecia, I have traveled the road of trial and error, and through this long road, I have also seen results and success in hair growth for me and many others around the world.
This is the main difference between my services, my guidance and my help. There is coaching, there is teaching and there are learning curves... I have been there and done that, truly tried everything, that's why I have the results to show.
Unfortunately, doctors and other health practitioners are limited with their experience and knowledge. They give you one option in different forms and many times, the option of drugs or shots or creams comes with lack luster results, more hair fall and disappointment.
Parents and adults many times, don't understand what they or their chid is going through, and this is where knowledge and experience comes in, supporting you and/or child and guide you to results, answering all your questions.
I spoke to a client yesterday and the things I shared, I could tell, enlightened them, allowing them to understand that alopecia is much more complex than they realized.
The difference that many clients see, is that their practitioners have not had alopecia ever, nor have they successfully healed someone. Where is their track record, do you know? Rather, they go off of text book learnings and protocols which is great for surgery and for other ailments, but alopecia is a different animal. What if those protocols don't help or the alopecia comes back? In many cases I see, it does come back and we see that those protocols were a small band aid to the true healing that is needed.
What's needed?
There is a learning curve to everyone, including those in the health and wellness industry, some of my clients are personal trainers, nutritionists and even professors or nurses. It was a learning curve for me and what's needed is the unlearning of old habits and new learnings to a healthier way of life.
Going through alopecia, is much different; you cannot expect others to relate or understand and much less help if they don't know the in's and out's of it. It can only really be explained by someone who's felt it, lived it and lived to come out stronger and healthier on the other side!
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