Alopecia Can Go Away on Its Own - And Come Back. What You Need to Know

Aug 29, 2019
Have you experienced cycles in your alopecia? Hair grows, falls out and grows back and on and on and on this cycle can persist over months, years and even decades?
I have heard many stories of this nature, and wanted to comment and let you know that YOU have more control than you think.
Alopecia is new for all of us in the beginning as we were all born and made to have hair. We had hair at some point until the day alopecia came into our lives.
I know the feelings... fright, uncertainty, concern, feeling hopeless, feeling traumatized, depressed, anxious and nervous for what's to come.
Please know we can determine the future of our hair with massive action and steps towards healthy eating, stress management, supplements, vitamins, exercise and much more. Health begins and comes from the inside. If you are losing hair, then this is a sign of an imbalance. Alopecia is more than just topical... looking further into the situation is needed. They are many causes and each one for each one of you is different and unique. However they can be all categorized into certain areas that include the above along with pathogens, toxins, leaky gut, current medications and much more that might be effecting your hair and health. (Check out my other blog post for more relevant information)
In my book, I talk about all the supplements, the exact nutrients, hair masks, and other opportunities needed for healing. 100% natural and organic- just the way your body wants and deserves to be supported! It's a step by step process which many, including myself have seen results in! Check out the Success Stories.
In addition, you too can learn how to manage and mitigate your alopecia, so that you stop the cycles, stop the hairloss/hairgrowth, and take more control to not let hairloss happen anymore. Yes this is possible!
You can stop the cycles by learning the points and factors that trigger alopecia in you and prevent them from happening again. After an autoimmune disease your body is no longer the same. You cannot go back to your old habits and ways of doing things. It's a true life changing experience. I've been through it, have coached many and am happy to help you through it too!
Your body no longer will accept certain things that do not optimize its many functions or promote health and longevity.
Lastly, know you have more control than you think. It is necessary to educate yourself to ensure episodes of hairloss no longer become a recurrence or issue in performing your best daily. This can stop. You decide.
Together we can beat alopecia.
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