Alopecia : Crossing The Finish Line with Results

Apr 11, 2019
When I was looking for a personal trainer, I wanted one who had a great physique, not too bulky, and one who would recreate what they did to themselves, in me. Who would also listen to my requests and focus on areas that I wanted to improve.
I have always preferred someone who walks the walk, and talks the talk.
Albeit, more action and less talk!
You wouldn't want to get advice on personal training from someone who was overweight would you? Or how about getting advice from a nutritionist who eats junk food and still is addicted to diet soda?
When I developed alopecia, there were no guru's and no one who had RESULTS to show for their journey. I looked high and low. Scoured books and websites.
Yes, I did find people and case studies who had reversed MS, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases; but I never encountered someone who healed from Alopecia myself, either online or off.
I did find many doctors who gave me insight on healing my alopecia, however none of them have gone through it personally.
One thing is to study it and another is to go through it.
I feel the same way about travel, one thing is to study the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids and another is too see it and experience it.
I am here today to let you know that I had alopecia, have gone through it, and know exactly what you are going through... and what's more, I crossed the finish line and am here to help others cross as well. I can help.
Not just from experience, but also from dedicated research via medical journals, functional medicine practitioners and doctors and much more.
My research ability from my masters program has led me to write my first book like a term paper, filled with references, information and science backed data. My second book, a nutrition guide and cookbook, is the second wind needed to cross the finish line.
When people hire a coach, either for sports, work or life or health, they are wanting you to reproduce the results you had in others. This I understand. Thankfully, I have many clients who have reproduced the results and are achieving optimal hair and health. (see testimonials on website: )
However, effort also needs to come from you. The client. Only the dedicated will cross the finish line. Only those who are determined will ensure all the boxes are checked and they are not slipping in any area that I discuss in my book.
All factors play a part for optimal health and hair.
Some clients need extra help, and I am happy to provide coaching sessions. Experience I have learned, goes a long way. My struggle was long, about 3 years total. Three years total of trial and error, three years of trying and trying again. Not giving up, persisting and finally getting closer and closer to full growth. Half way through my marathon of health, I knew I would make it all the way...
Luckily, it will probably take you less time, as you have the blueprint to health in my book. Follow instructions and see results.
Ask me anything! I am here to help and guide you to greater health. I offer free 20 min consultations.
Reach out to me here.

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