Alopecia Has More than One Root Cause and This Is Why

Feb 14, 2020
You may be wondering or even affirming on a daily basis, that your alopecia is due to X or to Y or to Z. But let me explain, how in fact it's really a combination, a symphony of sorts of your past diet and lifestyle and your present.... which has led you here.
We can't undo the past, but we can learn from it and implement a new strategy for long term health and hair!
My clients are a beautiful and diverse group of people, mainly women, which is due to autoimmune diseases affecting over 80% women compared to men. They have diverse backgrounds and professions,, bursting with talent such as marketing, tech, pharmaceuticals, teachers, lawyers, nutritionists, personal trainers, students, stay at home moms, new graduates in the workforce; they come from various countries and cities all over the world, however we are all united with the one goal- to heal alopecia naturally. To heal alopecia holistically.
Many like to think that they have the one reason why they are losing their hair.
If it was so easy to pinpoint, don't you think, you would have already regrown your hair? Unfortunately, it's not. Alopecia is a master puzzle and to put it together, you really need to make sure all the pieces are in place and that every piece of the puzzle is being used. We cannot leave any one aspect of improving our health on the sidelines.
It took multiple factors for you to get here, and it will take multiple factors for you to get out of alopecia and to finally, once and for all, reverse it.
Even after you have healed and reversed your alopecia, your life prior- many of those habits and things you used to do and eat can no longer be something you revert to. Many times because your body is happier with this new way of life, going back to old ways, will hurt it and make it unhealthy once again. Let's create a pattern of change that's long term... not short term.
The problem that got you here, is exactly the thing we want to avoid. Clearly, your life has not been on the healthiest route for quite some time (Or else you wouldn't be here)
This is where I can help and shed some light.
Things add up and pile on, really from the day you were born. Whether that is toxins, bad diets, harmful habits and seemingness harmless attitudes towards how we live our lives. In some cases we've had too much sugar, too much antibiotic exposure, too much NSAIDS (over the counter medicine like Advil or Tylenol)- they all pile on and burden your body and what ever you think was " The Cause:" - that was more likely the final straw that broke the camel's back. The drop of water that made your body overflow with panic causing an autoimmune reaction and now sequentially alopecia. Keep the panic alive and 25% of you will go on to acquire another or couple autoimmune diseases.... and we don't want that. You want to take care of this fire before it gets out of control.
So even if you are squeaky clean and healthy now, and maybe changed your way for the last 5-10 years- that still does not negate the last 10, 15, 20, 30 years that you first had where these new habits were not implemented. Even in my case, I can see that starting from my mom's uterus things were challenging. Later growing up in the standard American Diet and the list goes on to all the things I was doing wrong and completely unaware of it.
We can't undo the past, but we can learn from it and implement a new strategy for long term health and hair!
So for those of you with children with alopecia, wondering, my child is only 2, 6 or 10 years old, how could this have happened?
The way we process foods today, our farming practices, pesticides, the quality of soil, water quality and air etc has depleted so much that the salad that you eat is no longer as nutritious and healthy as it should be or once was. In addition, the amount of toxins in our environment are at much higher rates than 20, 30, 40 years ago. Add on the amount of vaccines we use now compared to when you were a child or even when your parents were growing up. To add more insult to the injury, we continue to over use antibiotics and over the counter meds from early on. Your newborn today, depending where you live, already gets a vaccination upon birth. Many pregnant women are getting vaccinations during pregnancy too. Whether you had a C section or natural birth also determines a healthy immune system for your newborn which will allow it to be more fully protected or not. All these little things add up. Don't worry, I wasn't breastfed either.
We are now guilty of relying on fast, quick and cheap foods. Mainly processed foods to keep us going, with lots of sugar and unhealthy fats. We are an over caffeinated population with which keeps going to endless amounts of trying to achieve the next thing, the next degree, job, promotion, family etc..
Our environment has disconnected us on multiple levels and we keep adding in new technology that harms and threatens our health.
Trauma and disease are an every day daily occurrence. Mental health is also on the rise or perhaps just more prevalent.
Then, we add on diet and lifestyle from the parents, that maybe isn't as health as it really should be, and of course, you have a perfect storm. There are many more details that follow, and that should be considered, and the list goes on... but you get the idea.... it's a whole system approach, not a one sided perspective with one thing we need to "fix."
Having an autoimmune disease is one thing, healing it naturally is very possible, but for life long effect, life long health and life long healthy hair, you need to stay the course, incorporate your new learnings, and create a plan with me so you can continue to enjoy life without feeling deprived. Life is to be lived... but let's not handicap ourselves too early by choosing ways of living that have subsequent long term negative effects.
Have you ever trained in the gym? Had a new years resolution to diet and lose weight? Having the weight come off, or building muscle, seems like the challenging part, but in reality, its the maintenance- how to maintain those muscles, and how to maintain keeping the weight off. We have an epidemic of yo-yo dieters because they cannot stay the course. If you want to continue reverting back to alopecia and dealing with cycles of hairloss and hairgrowth-- keep doing what you are doing... but if you want to improve your health and hair, not just for a period of time, but forever, then permanent changes need to be made.
A new lifestyle and even a new makeover can be daunting... but this is where I am here to help. Little by little, just like building muscle, together we build and work on the areas that are most challenging to you. Believe me, I know-- healing alopecia naturally is challenging, but it is possible. Remember, it took me over 2 years!  And even though you may be dealing with alopecia for over 30 years, you can still reverse it. Health is available to all those who want it bad enough to make the changes that benefit them.
How much effort do you need? Lots. If you are going to only put in 50% - you will only get 50% results.
Effort in, effort out. Its that simple. Same like going to the gym.
I was talking to a client yesterday and she told me she started doing my program, but had admittedly cheated many times during the course.
No cheating allowed. If you cheated in school, you would be reprimanded significantly. If you cheated at work or on you partner, you could most likely, not recover the job or the loved one.
Cheating in this program, is cheating on yourself. Don't do it- it's not worth it.
In less than 2 months, I can get you going- fast tracked to more results, faster and quicker. If you put in the 100% dedication, we can do this and you can start to see results.
I coach people with an array of health issues, outside of alopecia. Their health issues clear up normally in less than a month, many in less than 2 weeks. It's truly amazing what true health looks like once you are guided correctly and fully commit. To achieve anything, it starts with you... full commitment to your hair and your health.

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