Alopecia & Health Insurance: How To Navigate

Jun 16, 2020
Have health insurance and rather use that for alopecia treatment?
The problem with most insurance, is that you have to run through the typical cycle: you need to see your GP, or general physician first. Then get a referral so they send can you to a dermatologist. Most health investigations stop here, at the dermatologist.
Depending on how soon they can see you, this process alone can take weeks and sometimes months, especially if you are in the middle of a lockdown like we are experiencing where the rates at which normal services open and resume vary from city to city, country to country.
Beyond that, you have other hiccups along the health journey path, in which they can only prescribe creams and shots and maybe some experiential drugs but all these "solutions" come with no guarantees. All these prescriptions come with shattered hopes and dreams.
Why is that?
Because they are not treating the root cause. Instead of waiting weeks and months for "help" or to see a doctor, why not schedule a free consultation call with someone who has reversed her alopecia and the alopecia of many clients, including children and adults who have encountered alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness) and telgogen effluvium.
I don't use or recommend medicine for alopecia because of the negative side effects and long term side effects, in addition to the small chance of it actually working, less than 10% if that... we have yet to see the long term effects in people- This still hasn't been fully studied.
Personally, I went the holistic and took the natural route, because I want to have healthy children. (New program for alopecia and baby prep program starts June 11)
My fertility is important to me, and medicine and long term side effects is something I don't want hindering my health for short term gains, rather I am playing the long game and encourage you to think long term health and strategy, not just for now, not just for hair, but for total health- long term at every age.
So what to do if you have insurance?
Health insurance for the most part is limited and expensive. As a single person in USA, I recall paying anywhere around $300-$400 monthly, and that's without co-pays, doctor visits, or medicines. Much like fancy high heels that aren't used on a daily basis- Put health insurance aside - or away for a special occasion; like when you need surgery or or when you've broken your arm accidentally. Health insurance is limiting, however it's a good thing to have, for those special occasions.
Alopecia can be treated and reversed with diet and lifestyle. Something doctors are not using or suggesting because the system is set up as a business, and that business makes money on drugs, pharmaceuticals, surgeries and operations. Save your time and energy, take the fastest route to health by treating the root cause, building a strong foundation from the inside out! It's amazing to see over 90% results - yes hair growth- in my clients who join the Signature Program. No one else, will take the time to answer your questions, and guide you step by step on how to put this altogether. This program was born out of experience. Its cheaper to change diet and lifestyle, then to take meds long term and burden your body with more toxins. You can heal and reverse this, your body just needs some support and I know how to get you there.
If I were to calculate all the things I did, and tried, all the doctors I saw, the flights to see them, out of pocket co-pays, etc.. I can honestly say that this whole 2+ year episode cost me more than I would have wanted, for sure... BUT it led me to where I am now, so no regrets at all...I actually have more gratitude, because not only did I get healthy and heal, but in turn I can help others reverse their alopecia and I have, with clients of various ages from children to adults to women and men. ... uncovering the possibilities and results for them regardless of how long they have been dealing with alopecia. Real Results in less time!
Did you know you can fast-track your results, get your blindspots uncovered and move forward with confidence knowing that you own your health and can do something much more than just put cream on your head...getting results quicker in less time? Wouldn't you want to opt for that?
Health, as we have seen in 2020 starts within us all. Doctors are trained to do many things, but they can't do what your body isn't supported to do, if we don't feed it the right things and don't keep a truly healthy lifestyle, what doctors can do sometimes won't work. Doctors are not always miracle workers, we also need to do the work ourselves.
We need to take responsibility for our own health too.
Get back on track, reverse your alopecia and live your best life without the need for side effects, false hopes and vicious cycles of hair growth and hair fall. Reverse Alopecia, whether its been 2 years, 10 years or 30 years... its never too late to get healthy.
Where to start?
Book that free consultation and let's chat. I am here to help!

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