Bad Business, Integrity and the Spirit Of Helping People

Jul 01, 2020
It seems you never know someone until they are placed in a situation in which their true character comes out - how they handle the situation, how they serve their clients and how ultimately, they recognize their faults and what they did, or don't acknowledge.
At times like this, I wish I had my own podcast so I can speak freely about so many people, organizations and businesses that pretend to help people and yet, only help themselves.
I am disgusted more and more about how financial and economic situations seemingly force the hands of these individuals and organizations to make mistakes, to do wrong, to cheat, lie, and steal from others. - to not acknowledge their wrong doing and keep moving forward as if nothing has happened.
We have heard of the lawsuits against Monat, against Deva Curl and others who have caused harm to users wanting hair growth and hair care and only got destruction and hairloss.
In a more personal turn of events, a contract with a local pilates studio- has now decided to not pay the money they owe me. When I found their sheepish and cowardly email in my inbox, I was enraged. Physical manifestations came over me, from palpitations, to negative feelings and thoughts. This clearly doesn't help and doesn't do me any good. Thankfully I was on my way to my acupuncturist and found relief in the needles she uses to dissipate energy and create more balance within me.
Immediately, I had feelings of bliss, feeling harmonious and relaxed. Compassion came over me as I saw the integrity of this person no longer be of high standing. Her controlling nature and shackles have been released.
I am happy this is happening so I can continue to dedicate myself to you, my viewers, readers and subscribers, creating more content, helping more people and spreading health and healing.
I could never work for a bad boss, and could never associate with someone - work wise- that didn't hold the same values I did. Cheating, stealing and doing wrong does catch up to everyone, eventually.
Unfortunately, with covid, this studio owner has decided to go back on her word, on her contract and has shown a negative and disappointing side to her. I no longer want to be involved with her or her studio. If the leader is poison, everything else will be rotten.
Integrity is shown by how you live, how you teach, if you walk the walk, talk the talk and how you care for others. I believe in karma and I believe we all have the decision to make right or to do wrong. The fact that this studio continues to function and employ people is great, however not fulfilling contracts is not OK and not of good business. People will know, people will find out, and the value that one gets with doing business with others, is of the utmost importance to ensure that the exchange is appropriate, helpful, synergistic and honest.
If she's cheated me out of more than $2000.00 I bet she has already cheated others as well.
I believe in follow through, I believe in helping others to the best of my abilities, and always ensuring clients are heard, satisfied and are able to seek care. I have helped people in the past with creating payment installments for the Signature Program- I understand hard times can be tough and how economics are a reality we all face, however, cheating people out of money is not the solution. I am happy to work with anyone who is willing to work with me. But turning your back on clients, service providers and debts, is not something I condone. (especially when you are in the industry of helping others, being a service provider or health and wellness in general. Seems hypocritical right? )
Trust is built little by little, and I realize this. I also realize that I am in the business of helping people, and although we can't see each other on a daily basis, please know that I am here for you, with all my being, heart and and spirit. I've created Alopecia Angel due to my own challenges with alopecia, and I know that diet and lifestyle is the ONLY way towards hair growth and health- LONG TERM- FOR LIFE.
Real results only stem from diet and lifestyle changes. I can guarantee that.
I wouldn't have the face to push this message without results. I see results in my clients and of course, in myself.
In regards to this local pilates studio who owes me over $2000.00 Its a hard pill to swallow but I remain with my integrity in tact, knowing I was abiding by the terms and conditions of the contract and I also remain true to my calling and to helping others. When a business goes rogue as this studio has, helping themselves, and not being forthright, means that they are more than likely cheating other patrons too. In an unfortunate turn of events, I've since heard that this studio is nickel and diming other clients as well. It can only spiral from here.
At the end of it, no one likes to be cheated. However money can be made again and it can be recouped, in every bad situation there is a learning lesson. And it's great to see the writing on the walls now, so I can disassociate myself completely.
When bad things happen, I definitely "feel things" just like I felt a multitude of things when alopecia started for me back 4-5 years ago. But when you are able to vent and see things clearly, a new perspective emerges. If the stress remains then that will cloud your decision making. I am happy I no longer need or care to associate myself with someone who cheats others for their benefit. This is short term gains for long lasting side effects. - Kinda like the pharmaceuticals and cortisone shots... its all short term. Anything long term takes more commitment, more of you, more trust- going the extra mile.
Back in 2008, I saw claws come out, especially in California where the housing and market crisis was hit the hardest. It was a bad time for many as they too were losing jobs and homes. Much like now, people are feeling the pinch in more ways than one.
All in all there are no excuses for bad behavior- for cheating people and for going on as normal when the situation is everything but. I can be understanding, I want to help, however honesty, integrity and a deep rooted value system is how I run my life, my business and its really the only way I know. I rather come clean and make a mistake, then try to hide it.
I felt the need to express my feelings about integrity because I have high standards for me, and I push my clients to do the same, to expect more, to go the extra mile and to see results, whether that's in healing alopecia, losing weight, training in pilates or coming to a yoga class.
I wanted to express my feelings, because it seems like many businesses are taking advantage of their clients and doing harm, many times, long term harm. I know many of you are new to me.. and in time you will see I abide and live by my words.
During this time of economic burden, if you are needing and wanting help with your hairloss and can't afford my services at the moment, I am happy to create a payment plan for you. I want you to get the help you need, the results you want. I honor my responsibilities and above all, I honor those with whom I am in contact with, including, clients, service providers, friends, my helpful assistants and more.
My value system is strong and I look forward to helping you get the results you want of full health and hair growth with integrity, honesty and full support.

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