Benefits of Alopecia Angel

Apr 25, 2019
Natural and holistic routes may not be the first manner in which we instinctively go to. I know, it wasn't my first reaction either.
However, what I found made more sense, and gave me more results over any shot, cream, or pill from doctors concerning my alopecia and massive hairloss.
In addition, through my research in naturopathic modalities and those who have healed from autoimmune disease and alopecia, they too, all prescribed a holistic manner of healing.
If I had to do it over again, I would have preferred to pay for all the natural and holistic recommendations vs. the allopathic (conventional medicine). Instead, I paid for them all.
The allopathic and conventional medicine route led to no results, whereas the natural ones and holistic ones, got me closer and closer to what my body needed, eventually obtaining my restored health and hair.
No more alopecia for me!
I refuse to encounter the cycles that so many people on blogs and forums discuss, as once you learn how to mitigate that situation, you will never want to fall back into the same vicious cycle. You can put a stop to that. Now. And prevent future fall out.
Through my experience and research, I have created a program where the body can be supported naturally, whereby the immune system becomes stronger and healthier, supporting immune function and re-growing your hair; healing from the inside out!
Most of us are nutritionally deficient so I emphasized nutrition and gut healing in my latest cookbook.
In my first book, I speak about toxins, environment, and clue you into other areas that are deteriorating your health... remember its not just alopecia you want to heal, but you also want to prevent more autoimmune diseases that can buddy up, about 25% of people will obtain more than 1-2 autoimmune conditions at the same time.
You also want to encourage and improve better health all around, not just for the current situation, but for future health.
Did you know that it's possible to be over 80 years of age with no meds and only taking a handful of supplements to bolster health? (my grandma is this person, at 84, she's overcome thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, diverculitis and much more- all going holistic and natural)
Knowing what I know now, I am armed in helping adults and children alike in their quest for improved health and hair.
I've been coaching clients, helping them through their setbacks and encouraging them with more information. Solid research is the basis of my knowledge. Implementation depends on you.
Client success stories, testimonials can be found here.
In hindsight, I spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars less on choosing to go the natural and holistic. In addition, I helped my body get the proper healing, becoming healthier in the process.
Furthermore, my family benefited from my education, knowledge and research, as they too have changed their ways, habits and lifestyle.
Other benefits to the Alopecia Angel Program includes:
- less expensive than conventional methods
- learn and implement immediately from the comfort of your home
-Healthier alternative for long term success, hair growth and health
- personalized attention and coaching to your specific situation or needs
-learn how to mitigate alopecia, stopping the cycles of hairloss, shed then growth, over time
-see other health concerns resolve and heal
-thrive and be the healthiest version of yourself for you and your family
All in all, my program allows for everyone to experience improved health and hair. When one person does well, we all do well. There are so many upsides to Alopecia Angel that by the time you do get your first appointment with your primary doctor, you could have already stopped the shedding, and started your path to health and hair, the Alopecia Angel way.
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