Best Alopecia Treatment on a Budget

Nov 20, 2018
Many times money is a factor when deciding on treatments, how to proceed, and how often to have each treatment with what's available to us.
In a recent article about hair loss issued in a popular nationwide fashion magazine publication, they offered many different types of treatments ranging anywhere from $90.00 - $130.00 monthly to more expensive treatments that range from $500 to $1500 per treatment, and major medical procedures such as hair transplants that are upwards of $4000 - $15,000+.
Why is it that health and hair need to cost a lot?
It doesn't.
The beauty industry is a $20 USD billion industry and none of their products have guarantees and yet we still use them. The same goes for medicine related to alopecia. There is nothing that conventional medicine deems as a guarantee to healing alopecia.
So where does that leave us?
You were healthy before, so look alternatively without the chemicals, toxins and side effects.
Many times its the less expensive and natural products that do the trick and take care of the problem.
To heal and place Alopecia into remission you need to look at root cause and not just symptoms. Conventional medicine and beauty business only know how to cover up symptoms or give costly solutions that if left untreated can snowball into other autoimmune diseases, as they tend to buddy up.
Forgo the evasive treatments, waiting for a turn at the doctors office for shots and meds that don't work, or creams that have no efficacy. Why spend when all of the treatments have no guarantees, promises or true hopes of healing.
I don't know anyone who's healed or placed alopecia into remission from cortisone shots or meds or creams.
Rather, I find that the Alopecia Angel community and my clients, have seen results and can say that they have placed their alopecia into remission using holistic and natural methods which includes focusing on diet and lifestyle. Once they leave their diet and lifestyle changes, they see that alopecia returns. Just like with a goal to lose weight, you can but you need to keep up your new learnings... if not, the weight comes back.
Key is diet and lifestyle changes.
In my book, Alopecia Angel's Secret to Hair Growth and Health, I have a step by step, researched tried and true plan that will help you along on your journey. Its helped me and countless people. Since writing my book, I have increased my knowledge in Alopecia and offer classes, group coaching and retreats.
Supplements + organic food, plus book will cost less than any of the above beauty treatments and will improve your health- guaranteed. It will also improve your conditions to alopecia and any other autoimmune disease. As many of you know, autoimmune disease is an umbrella term for over 140 different chronic conditions. Whether you just have alopecia, or you have alopecia plus one or two other conditions, this book can help and it provides natural and holistic remedies, recipes, and action steps to improve and implement in your everyday.
However, once on the path to healing, know that you cannot go back to your old lifestyle, and if you do, you will see symptoms and autoimmune worsen.
For best overall health and best results from the inside out with Alopecia, true lifestyle changes are needed yet they bring about the best results ...guaranteed with no side effects naturally and holistically. Keeping you away from other needless treatments, saving you money over time and boosting your immune system for future potential risks.

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