My Path to Health with Alopecia

Oct 22, 2018
It's easy to put the puzzle pieces together as I look back and see that I grew up on a normal American diet... cereal for breakfast, probably some treats in my lunch pail like pudding snacks, fast food almost nightly and milkshakes or "frosties" were the norm, along with soda and chocolate milk. Home made food was pasta, lots of it, rice dishes, heavy with meat and potatoes and perhaps some veggies hidden inside.
I can't blame anyone for this because everyone is at fault, however, this has led me to my journey to optimal health and what I now believe as health, and my definition of health has evolved and has changed significantly since having Alopecia.
I am grateful yes for my upbringing, but also more grateful to know better now; making changes and implementing radically to optimize with every new learning or lesson.
I thought I was at the pinnacle of my health, inner, outer, and also my labs said so...right before alopecia came out in patches. However when diagnosed with alopecia in 2016, it shook the ground I so highly walked on. It shook my core. It took me a couple months to process, from scared to denial, to confusion as doctors didn't do much to help... to " I am going to overcome this by myself and figure it out."
After many trials and errors, continuous learning, reading and research, I decided to heal myself through natural and holistic methods. And I did. And now, at 2 years and some months later, my hair is back, my patches are about filled, one left and filling in nicely. I also strongly believe more now than ever, that the body can heal itself from the inside out. It just needs our support.
This is why I started Alopecia Angel. To give an alternative to others looking for a natural and holistic route. I wrote a book, conduct retreats, give coaching and have begun with courses too.
Alopecia much like the unknown is frightful, scary and unnerving. However, as someone who's on the other side of the tunnel, shining a bright light on you, please know, there is a way, and I am here to help! I focus solely on alopecia, all kinds of hair loss.
I always loved health and nutrition, and now that I've experienced something that jeopardized my health, I am now armed to help you heal and those you love as well. It's more than hair, its not about "don't have hair and don't care" - its about figuring out what's wrong and how to obtain balance in your overall health and body. Hair is a result. Health and that of it- is priceless. This new path has opened the doors to my passion and having the experience of being in the hole, and coming out, and now, I am extending my hand to bring and pull you out too!
Health is now my calling. Alopecia Angel is now my means.
I am also honored to speak at conferences and have many scheduled for 2019 discussing health, wellness, stress management, and auto immune disease.
To find my full story of what happened and how Alopecia came about click here.
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