Case Study: Alopecia Areata & Alopecia Angel Signature Program (Adults + Children)

Jun 29, 2020
Are you experiencing alopecia areata- did you just get diagnosed or perhaps you have been dealing with it for over years and maybe even decades? See these client stories and how they were able to achieve full hair growth and health. Health awaits you and is in everyone's grasp.
A client in New Zealand had her son, 21 years of age, completely regain his hair, successfully, after grabbing hold of the Starter Kit and implementing everything at home. The Starter Kit is a DIY- do it yourself option for those who are self disciplined. Mom grabbed a hold of it and also implemented it. Cheers to parents who go the extra mile, which is what healing alopecia really needs. You need to go the extra mile. During, and after healing!
Another client who had been dealing with Alopecia Areata since she was 9 years old, started implementing my program at 25 years old, she saw full hair growth in less than 9 months with more than 13 bald spots around her head. She did my course, and added on private coaching sessions. Quickly, she got back to her life, with no worries, no more hairloss issues, or worrying how she was going to cover up her spots in school or at her new job. She put alopecia to sleep and began doing all the things she loved, knowing well she has full control over her health.
Young adults need to learn and need to be guided on how to maintain their health so they don't stray and don't see alopecia come back.
This client in particular had seen a multitude of doctors all over Chicago, Nashville and in other states as well. Her parents had intervened as well at one point, however she was growing accustomed to the cortisone shots and had believed that this was the only way to heal alopecia. After more than 15 years of vicious cycles of hairloss and hair growth, she decided to take a natural approach and not only saw changes and results in her hair growth but also in her body, in her digestion, in her brain fog, in her fatigue and in her recovery from sports. A new outlook on life, new "healthy way of living" and feeling her best- had been unveiled.
Many times I hear from people and clients, that they have had cycles of hairloss and hair growth. This can stop. You don't have to live this way- what's more is that I teach you how to get the results and how to maintain the results ensuring success every step of the way. Stop the shedding and stop the hairloss immediately. With some changes, we can start to heal and help your hair loss and turn it around to growth.
Just like losing weight, many times, losing weight is easier than maintaining it correct?
I walk you through everything step by step so that success is yours every time.
Regardless of how long you have been dealing with alopecia, it can be put to sleep and lay dormant. It doesn't need to bother you anymore, nor does it need to show up in the least of unexpected moments... guess, what? Now you can control when alopecia comes to visit. (if ever again)- yes, you heard me right... you control with diet and lifestyle how to heal alopecia naturally, supporting your body and creating a stronger immune system that no longer attacks itself.
When your children stop being your children? Answer is never. As parents you are concerned for their wellbeing, always.
In my Signature Program I have had countless parents do the program for their children, boys, girls, all ages, from 2 years old, through 21 and everything in between.
I have seen great progress in the children and parents I have worked with.
One in particular came to me with her daughter. She started to see hair growth in less than 5 weeks. Her child's acne also went away along with moodiness and mood swings.
Did you know that mood swings are attributed to sugar levels, diet and food? The more processed foods, the more "issues" you will have with behavior.
This client's daughter continued to see hair growth through out the program.
Another client brought in her son. And he too, saw rapid hair growth and changes in less than 8 weeks. She reported full hair growth a couple months later.
Another client, who I met when she was in her mid 20's had been dealing with alopecia since the age of 5, on and off... more bald spots, less bald spots, but it was always there. Once she learned the keys to success and figured out her blindspots from the Signature Program, alopecia was never an issue again.
The most beautiful part about this program? The whole family gets healthy.
I encourage everyone to participate, everyone to do the challenges together, supporting the one child who has alopecia. Its a family effort. - everyone needs to be on board. Many times the ailments that the parents have, like eczema and psoriasis also go away, because they are following the same diet and lifestyle. They too see results in their energy, they lose weight and feel better. Its a win win for the whole family.
Things to know:
  • If you child is under 5, I would recommend starting with the Starter Kit.
  • If your child is 6 and older, lets have a call to see if the program is right for you. I offer a free consultation - book anytime.
  • If your child is over 6 and understands that in order to have hair and health, diet and lifestyle changes are needed, then let's get started. - Next program starts Aug. 1 and we can jumpstart their progress sooner.
The sooner you sign up, the sooner you have access to booking a coaching session and speaking with me. In this session we discuss ways in which you can improve TODAY, to stop the shedding, to stop the hairloss as soon as possible.
As parents, you must be patient, healing comes, but we must work with your child's age accordingly, and with their temperament. As they get older, its best if they are on board with the changes, its best if they care enough for the healing of their aloepcia. Many times it's the parent who wants it more they they do.
Healing children is delicate, because you need to make sure everyone is supportive of the child, and that the child doesn't feel isolated.
Children in my program with Alopecia Areata see great results. Parents actually do the program for their children, supporting them naturally and teaching them new skills and how to be their best. Parents are now empowered with knowledge, research and results to help their children regain their child's health and hair.
Added bonus: many families come closer together with this experience and its also a way for the whole family to get healthier together. Whether mom has been dealing with joint pain, or dad with allergies or eczema, I've seen the parents apply the principles and also see health changes, improvements and results to better health.
The key truly lies in our daily habits and our food.
In my last program I had a child who was 11 years old from the UK. She is active and going to school and of course, when alopecia began she started not wanting to do certain things children do, like swim, do handstands or somersaults, cartwheels, or anything that would display her hairloss spots and areas for the world to see.
Many people feel this way, I did too. This little girl saw hair growth in less than 4 weeks and experienced better moods, more energy, improvement with other symptoms including digestive issues. Her parents and her also found how certain foods are no longer beneficial to her and how they produce sensitivities to her now. By being more aware, they take back the control in helping their child thrive. By the time school starts again, her 50% hairloss will have grown in significantly, bringing back health, confidence and unleashing her desire to swim and do other activities she wants to participate in.
Don't let hairloss stop you, at any age, from living your life to its fully! Begin your path to better health, hair growth and hair results in less time. Over 90% of Signature Program clients experience hair growth in less than 8 weeks and that is just the beginning... the beginning to your renewed health, complete hair growth and upgrading your self esteem all around.
My last highlighted client and testimonial comes from the USA. She is a mom of two kids, she is physically fit and works in the health and wellness industry. She came to me after two years of dealing with hormones and hairloss. Many other symptoms she was facing included fatigue, lack of energy, digestive issues and of course hairloss. (areata and thinning all around.
She is currently in my Signature Program. (Next one starts soon- registration closes July 15) By day 5 of the program implementing everything we spoke about in our coaching call, she already started to feel a difference in her energy levels. By day 19 she saw hair growth sprouting out all around the areas where she has thinning and also in her spots. Now half way through the course, she is better than before, back to her old self, full of life, confidence, happiness, thriving and living her best healthiest life ever, you might say at her prime! ( 46 years old)
These are only but a handful of testimonials and case studies of clients who have seen results and success and have gained so much more than their hair growth because Health is priceless and the knowledge to do better, and implement it will surely give you results.
I am here for you ever step of the way!

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