Case Study: Alopecia Universalis & Alopecia Angel Signature Program

Jun 23, 2020
I have had many success stories in my programs, but I want to highlight Alopecia Universalis. In having Alopecia Universalis, you have no hair, anywhere... not on your toes, no in your nose, and not anywhere else where there should be hair.
In less than 8 weeks, I have had many clients who have gone from Universalis to growing hair, not just on their heads, but also on their arms, also on their legs and I am sure in other areas too. ;)
Hair growth is a process. First, you need to clean house, then you need to support and feed it appropriately, then just like planting the seeds to your summer garden, you continue to love it, and then you begin to see your garden grow. Same here. Hair growth has happened to my clients with universals, many in less than 4-5 weeks, some in 8 weeks and some just over the 8 week mark. Imagine having hair in 2 months! The start to a new lease on life. The start to true health and your own hair.
What's the difference? Depending on how soon they get the coaching call, depending how soon they start eating and implementing all the things I teach and guide them to do- and how quickly their body responds is how soon they can see improvements and healing.
We all have blindspots, and during this coaching call, I can see and talk to you about yours- whether you know it or not - they are impeding your progress and growth. We are all different, and this is why the coaching aspect to the program is crucial for your success. I attribute the coaching piece to a great portion of the success of the program. It's not a one size fits all, rather its all tailored to you!
The magic of having hair grow back after 5, 10, 20 years is astonishing and almost scary at the same time. Imagine having to put away your wigs for good- or better yet, donating them to another person who needs them, hopefully just temporally as they too heal and overcome their hairloss.
Imagine using a car, with a tank running on empty and the oil over its normal limit of use. You can't expect your car to run smoothly, can you? You probably would even expect it to stall somewhere- right? Same thing here. Your body has stalled. Hair growth has stalled, and we can get it back to running smoothly, once with fill the tank, change the oil, tune it up and check that all pieces are where there should be.
I applaud my ladies, men and the parents who have seen tremendous results and continue to do so, I have given them the sprouts to their garden... they continue to love and care for it, as they reap the rewards of the fruit of their labor. Taking care of your health is not automatic, we can't be on autopilot-- its a practice. Its a practice we have all put off- or else you wouldn't be here. We need to focus - realign ourselves with supporting our bodies and health. With this program, you see results and hair growth. You can get a jump start on hair growth and its up to you to continue the process. You can't plant a garden and then forget about it all summer- can you? You need to water it, take care of it, make sure there are no bugs and weeds. Same thing here... time, love and effort is all that's needed for you to obtain real results, like the ladies, men and children I have worked with.
After about 3-4 weeks, one client wrote me saying:
"I am doing really good. I am feeling healthy. I can actually see some hair regrowth. My eyebrows are coming back and I can see those very fine little hair growing on my head everywhere!! It’s hard to really believe that this is finally going to happen and I am still a bit sceptical but that’s probably just because I am a bit scared too!”
Another one writes:
" Some really cool, exciting, awesome news!!! I have found 2 little strands of hair on the top of my scalp!! They’re almost impossible to see, but I was looking in the bathroom mirror and I guess the light hit it just so that I could see them! I also noticed my bottom eyelash line starting to come in! The hair color is very light, but maybe that will change. I’m super excited and it gives me motivation to keep going!! I’m so amazed; I’ve had alopecia for so long that it began to feel hopeless. I’m definitely not feeling that way now and I know that healing with continue to happen and with time my hair will come back fully!! So thank you so so much! I’m so grateful to you!!"
The above testimonial was after a couple weeks on the program, by the end of the program, she had "so much hair" on head, and body that she was giggling the whole time during our call-- she was ecstatic and revived. Want that feeling?
How much of a garden do you want to grow? How much health and hair do you want to have? Just like starting a garden, you can also start to get healthy. The choice is yours- its never too late to start.
Next program starts soon- Registration closes July 15.

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