Do Topical Treatments Work For Hairloss & Alopecia?

May 06, 2020
It's almost like a natural reflex to turn to our nearest drug store or pharmacy to see if anything they have might help our hairloss... its also another natural reflex to believe that something in a bottle holds the key to our success; But do they?
In a way I think some topical treatments do help and can assist in the success to hair growth when its used inconjunction with other methods and changes in diet and lifestyle like, ahem, my program, but in other products, I have seen that its more foolish to consider using them and then end up worse than before you even tried it. (Has this happened to you? It did to me!)
Yes I speak from experience... before going holistic, natural and organic, I too saw doctors, I too went to pharmacies and I did try something from a European pharmacy thinking it would help... the opposite happened, more hairloss occurred and it seemed to me like it even spread, making everything worse! I felt deceived and like a failure... not to mention that this hair treatment was pricey.
We've heard in recent news that hair products meant for hair growth like Monat are coming under scrutiny and attack with many lawsuits due to their hair growth claims and then people coming forward experiencing the opposite, immense amounts of hair loss. More articles have since surfaced saying sores to scalp and irritations also have occurred.
Same was true for Deva Curl, a hair line company focusing on curly headed people. They too have had lawsuits and lash backs on their products.
Another, more common occurrence or quick fix is Rogaine or Minoxidil. This might be a quick fix, but what about when you stop using it? Guess what happens? All the hair is lost... and then you are back to square one or worse, experiencing more shedding and hairloss than before. What's more is that this product contains many chemicals and toxins, which with use, there are many negative side effects.
Are there any topical solutions that help hairloss?
The short answer is yes there are many that help and encourage, they are like the side kicks in a super hero movie... they function in assisting and encouraging hair growth, but alone, they don't do it. They can't, they aren't strong enough... and really, its not what's going on the outside, its what's going on, on the inside! Alone, these products cannot help you with hairloss for long term results or even full results. Topical solutions, serums, shampoos, oils, and such are all participants in hair growth, but it's not the quick fix and it's not the main character in this movie... it's a supporting role, a role which is needed, but not #1.
What is #1?
Diet and Lifestyle. Without these fundamentals in place, you wouldn't be able to even get to the next step in healing, perhaps that's where you are now? Still trying and thinking something topical is going to work. It won't... alopecia is a puzzle, and I have the pieces to help you put it together.
Fun Fact! Since a kid, I always wanted to change up my shampoo and conditioner, I was never loyal to one product or brand.. this is partly due to how hair reacts and how even bodies are made.
If you do the same exercise, day in and day out, at some point your body plateaus and we need to switch up your workout routine in order to see change, correct? This is why some people after a certain point can't figure out why they are having trouble losing weight... It's because change is needed! . The same thing, I believe happens with beauty products. Our bodies, skin, hair, all get used to a certain formula and in the beginning, everything is aligned, looking good and working well. But after a few months or 5 months, hair isn't the same... in fact, it looks bad, and not as great.. what happened? Your hair needs a break from this product and needs to be refreshed, rebooted and reenergized with something new. Don't let yourself or your hair get stuck in a mediocre situation... get out of the rut, and switch it up.
I see best results when you switch up hair products like shampoo and conditioner and give your "regular" ones a break now and then. I know you have favorites, I do too, but when you avoid plateaus in hair care, you also reap the benefits of obtaining great hair and its not getting accustomed to the same thing or same nutrients in one brand or another. Switching it up I believe is necessary.
Today I washed my hair with a hard water shampoo and rinsed with apple cider vinegar... WOW, just WOW, my curls are bouncy, light, happy and fluffy... just like I like it... Switching it up is healthy and good for you.
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