Does Your Alopecia Specialist Walk the Talk ?

Dec 21, 2019
I can still remember my P.E. (Physical Education) teacher in elementary school- Miss Sampson- she was significantly overweight and would drink a diet coke every morning at 8am while she had us run laps and do outdoor exercises like jumping jacks. Mind you I had her for 6 years of elementary school- awful way to even think that this was an example of PE or exercise.
Looking back I cannot believe they hired her. Regardless of the degree's or education level, I wouldn't allow someone to portray health as she did towards young children and teach them physical education when she herself did not embody or demonstrate her own willingness or capabilities to do exercises. What an oxymoron. To work in health and not walk the talk. Instead, to drink a diet coke and sit on the curb watching us sweat.
Early on from a young age, I questioned, I questioned a lot. Authority, parents, adults in general... perhaps that was the beginning of my curious nature to go beyond the statue quo! Since then, I evaluate who I take health and wellness advice from- as should you. It's not just about the degree or schooling, it's also about living as you preach, doing what you say and teach to do. Beyond seeing the doctors that smoke or live in a high stress atmosphere, I want to follow someone who walks the walk and can back up the talk. Do they truly have the experience, or is it all book smarts? Book smarts help for sure, but so does experience.
Too many people give lip service- but can they back it up? Do they have results?
Do the people I am consulting... -have they gone through my situation? Have they gotten results with regrowth?
Do they know what to REALLY do with my alopecia? And if not, are they willing and able to refer me to someone else who can? Does their ego get in the way of my healing?
These are some of the questions I would think about when consulting with doctors and professionals who say they can help.
Yesterday I was interviewed on Hairless Awareness, a podcast for alopecians! One of the questions was, if I consider myself an Alopecia Expert.
And Yes, I do! Having gone through Alopecia myself and then helping others to reverse it too has been so exciting and satisfying to see others heal and get through the muck of depression, anxiety and overwhelm, to a place filled with calm, clear headedness and regrowth.
Spend your time and money on those who back up what they say. Observing helps immensely. Observe how they present themselves, what experience they have, how many people with alopecia they have helped heal.
When I got my personal trainer back when I lived in Miami, I knew exactly who I wanted. I wanted someone who could get me the results I wanted. I met my personal trainer through a friend. Not only was he good looking, he was good hearted and had the best intentions for his clients. Additionally, he had an amazing body, sculpted like the statue "David" himself. This came with results... he was not born this way. He had gone through obesity, many years overweight and unhappy, deciding one day he needed to change. He changed his life and dedicates himself to improving himself and others through his passion of personal training.
I knew my new personal trainer would give me the results I was looking for. Two months of hard work, and I quickly began seeing the results.
Walking the talk is needed when you want results. Whether that's in health, home improvement or tutoring services or anything else as a "service".. the professional can only go as far as the client is willing to push themselves.
I see this in forums; everyone is quick to say one liner negative things like, " there is no cure for alopecia- deal with it, get a wig" -- geeeezzz if they only knew that those who take action, can reverse their alopecia and many other health conditions. Just like working out-- those who put in the work and time, see results. Those who don't, DON'T.
I caution you to believe what others say especially if they have no results to prove. If you are reading this blog, more than likely you have read my story.
I went to many doctors and none could help me, from dermatologists to endocrinologists, to GP's and more... I should have asked targeted questions. But either way, I helped myself because they couldn't, and I knew I could! I believed in myself, in my body and in its natural power to heal.
It's really that simple.
Don't listen to the naysayers, if you are being seen by a Derm or doctor, make sure they know alopecia and have had success stories to demonstrate. If not, guess what, maybe you are wasting your time and money (like I did). Just because they are doctors doesn't mean they can help you. Adding topicals or injections is not the way to true healing and supporting your body and its immune system.
Many times my coaching clients, come to me telling me that their doctors were unable to help them. However, even with one session with me, they feel better about their possibilities and opportunities to getting their health and hair back. It is possible, but there is also work involved.
I understand you. I too went through alopecia. There's nothing like experience that counts. Additionally, there's nothing better than working with someone who also walks the walk.
Yes, I have reversed my alopecia, but I also changed my life 360 degrees to help others now with alopecia. I teach pilates and yoga,
I also help entrepreneurs and people in corporate work on their stress management. I write articles for publications on health, wellness and stress management. I don't need lots of degrees, although I have many. What I do have is the experience of going through alopecia and reversing it for me and many others. I also stay in shape, take my own advice and live by the words I preach.
I understand working out daily and living a healthy lifestyle is a game changer for many of you... its absolutely more work than living the way you are accustomed to. However, I believe, this is the only way to true results for longterm health and hair. You can either do it one way and do it right, or cut corners and come back to the cycles of hairloss and unhappiness because alopecia is as much emotional as it is physical.
If you have my book, you know I didn't grow up with a nutrition background. I was not taught health at home or school. I had to learn it on my own. I grew up with a Standard American diet, SAD for short.
Things can change and things do not have to stay this way. You can heal, its not overnight, but sooner rather than later you can see results.
Now evaluate who is helping you on your journey. Evaluate who is talking to you and who is giving you advice. (Is it those forums with massive pity parties and erroneous information? Or is it a doctor that has no clue about autoimmune anything and their only protocol are topical? )
I also use this method when taking business, financial, and any type of advice from gardening to baking and beyond. Is the person who is giving you advice a reasonable and legitimate source of information? Ask questions.
Which leads me to my next suggestion, if you want to ask me questions, and get more information, schedule a free 20 min consultation with me. I am happy to help and happy to serve my fellow alopecians. As I see it, this and other autoimmune conditions are becoming more and more prevalent due to many factors. But many of them, including alopecia can be reversed with a multi factorial program such as Alopecia Angel.
It's up to you where you go from here.... You have the choice to either get the help you want or stay stuck in the same situation. Either way, I wish you the best of luck, because it's not always a straight and narrow path, for me and for many, it has turns and winding roads. However, there is light and hair growth at the end!


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