Gluten Free- Is It Enough to Help Alopecia ?

Sep 29, 2020
If you were to open any blog or alopecia group online the first thing they recommend is to take out gluten. Then you will see many say that they've taken out gluten for years with no results... well, if only it was so simple.... taking out gluten alone is not enough to help or heal alopecia... Going gluten free is a start, but it doesn't stop there. Going gluten free is like putting on your socks and runnings shoes on; but you still need to get out the door and start running. It takes much more than just going gluten free.
Some questions I get regarding diet include:
Are these changes permanent?
I'd like to say, sometimes they are and sometimes not. Diet isn't everything. Its one of many things that needs to be addressed so that you can thrive, and put alopecia to sleep. That is the goal, getting your health back in harmony so your hair can feel that it is safe to come out again naturally and normally. Everyone is different and responds differently to certain foods, but gluten is definitely not something I recommend daily. I even recommend avoiding gluten free packaged foods. There are ways so that you don't have to feel deprived, and yes, I teach you how to have your cake and eat it too! Its all possible... . Yes its possible to eat your cake guilt free! I show you how in my Signature Program and also help you mitigate celebrations, holidays, and anything else that might make you anxious. You can live a normal and healthy life without fearing food, rather understanding that your decisions impact your overall health and hair growth. There are boundaries to adhere to and your boundaries may look a little different from mine, because we all react differently to foods. In my program we dive deep into seeing which foods cause reactions. This is important and critical so that you aren't making the same mistakes over and over again.... Like I did.. and like others have too. You don't know what you don't know...unitl you do... and that's why it took me over two years to heal my alopecia, because I was eating certain foods I thought were "healthy" and yet for me, someone with alopecia, they were not. I had to unlearn, and relearn so the hair can come back and stay. Which it has successfully for over 4+ years with no worries of alopecia coming back, because I know how to not have it come back, another learning lesson I teach.
That is the process that is necessary to overcome alopecia. Unlearning what you think is needed or factual and relearning the possibilities tailored to you, for you. This program is very much tailored to each individual, hence the hour long coaching sessions prior to the start of the program.
Another question I get is if you can do the program if you are vegetarian or vegan.
And yes, absolutely you can. I guide you through this as I too was once a vegan and vegetarian and understand the nuances of having a choice diet already selected.
Going gluten free is not everything. Diet isn't everything but it is a foundation and a strong foundation is needed for progress. Diet coupled with Lifestyle is the key to success. Lifestyle needs to be involved and incorporated. Your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health are also a priority. Understanding the harms around us is necessary to know because unfortunately no one is talking about it.
Healing alopecia is not one thing or one way of doing things. Its incorporating all things at certain times and not overlooking one item of health over another. We need the orchestra, your body, to be in synch, to be in harmony, we need that music to flow and to harmonize altogether. That is the goal of the signature program and of diet and lifestyle- making changes to ensure health improves and emerges into healthy hair growth. (Which it does and in less time, 90% success rate in the Signature Program.)
Yes Healing is possible, food is an intricate part of the healing process, it's not strict long term but it does reward you with health and true health overall. Almost everyone who joins the program bring other health concerns to the table and guess what? They all clear up too! Its not a surprise, that through supporting the body, the RIGHT WAY, we can see health improvements in every area.
Are you ready to learn more? Visit for ore details. Next program is scheduled for January 2021 and registration opens soon. Start the new year with true health and more hair growth!

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