Grains, Gluten and Dairy

Oct 23, 2018
According to the book I am reading, No Grain No Pain by Dr. Peter Osborne, there are about 140 auto immune diseases including Alopecia that can be triggered by eating grains. And guess what? Dairy is also interpreted as grains and gluten by your body.
Crazy right? I was amazed when I saw the list. In speaking with my grandma over the past few days, I have begun to dive deeper into her past health and her life overall. She's 82. Mind you- I got her going and started her doing pilates at 75. Today, she is 6 inches shorter but still a feisty Italian grandma who has had many "auto immune " issues over the course of her life, has also healed, either naturally or through diet, even though for her it was the number on the scale she was most concern about. As I analyze her diet, she's made the changes enough to where these conditions no longer persist. She's in excellent condition and health.
If we were all so lucky.... she's one of the few that would perhaps have a condition and just heal naturally, but for most of us, we need help, we need resources and a blue print.
I am your blueprint for Alopecia. I have been there and done that. And I have a great understanding as to why it happens, the causes and how it can easily attract many other conditions as my clients experience. Don't be left behind trying doctors who are only taught to prescribe or perform surgery.
No Grain No Pain Book, Dr. OsborneNo Grain No Pain Book, Dr. Osborne
How can you possibly count on conventional doctors for nutrition guidance. I have been tested up and down for everything before, during and after alopecia. I was never "sensitive" to gluten or dairy or grains. But looking back I see my morning oatmeal wasn't helping me... and found myself in puddles of hair loss. Since cutting grains, morning oatmeal's, rice, pasta, and anything else that's grain or dairy, (sorry cheese, its hard to part) I've seen huge results in hair growth to go along with my program of holistic health. I was doing 80% things right... but this little trigger can undo all the good work.
So you think going gluten free is the answer? Yaaaaa NO.. not quite... many and all things "gluten free" are processed, and probably also have other grains that aren't good for you. Check our my IG/ FB post on hidden gluten like in soy sauce, balsamic vinaigrette and other places.
Rethink if that croissant, pizza, piece of cheese, ice cream, or your comfort/belief is worth hanging onto because you could be having hair loss because of it- (one of many factors) or worse, experiencing pain from it.
Rice Milk and dairy products for plant based products- almond milk, coconut yogurt
Rice, quinoa, bread, pasta swaps for veggies- use cauliflower for rice or pizza dough. Pasta can be made with zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash.
Stay away from bread. I know its hard... but if you envision yourself with better health and big hair, this determination will steer you clear. It motivates me.... that picture, me smiling, shaking my head in the sunshine... hair flowing.... YES I WANT THAT!
Side effects? You most likely will gain willpower, resilience and lose points on the scale :) Always something good comes out of sacrifices.

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