Jun 05, 2020
Hairloss and alopecia many times are diagnosed in the chair at the salon. This is actually how it happened to me, crying, tears down my face while getting my hair done. No one to help clarify this situation or what was to follow.
My story is very similar to others.
I have read, seen and been told by many that they have accepted their alopecia, and they have accepted their "destiny to be bald forever."
I definitely respect any decision you make regarding your health because that is individual.
However, what if you didn't know you had more options than just the ones you were told about or given?
What if, alopecia is much more than just accept or not to accept? What if, you removed the naysayers and doom and gloom prognosis of hairloss and turn it around to something positive? To something that needs to be tweaked or changed in order to run properly.
For example, when your car breaks down, you take into the shop and get it fixed. If one shop can't fix it, go to another. Right? Or better yet, what if your car got its paint scratched. Does that mean its damaged forever? No. You can repair that, you can get a new paint job and even focus on that area to fix instead of doing the whole car again.
Just like in the above analogy, you too can fix your alopecia. You have more than one option. You have many options, and many times we don't know about it. We are not taught, not advised about it through conventional ways. Unfortunately, there aren't many people speaking up about how they healed and reversed it because perhaps life got in the way, and once they healed they move on and don't look back. Good for them! But, that leaves many of us in the dark. This is why I am shedding light on the subject of healing alopecia naturally, in a manner that supports your body.
Healing Alopecia Naturally is an option.
It takes digging deeper to see these options. I love options. I love options in what I eat, where I go and what I do. Without options we would feel stifled, limited and powerless.
Let me empower you.
Like an escape route that is hidden behind a wall painting, you too, have another option.
Some like to wear their alopecia like a badge of honor. But the real honor, is honoring your body, honoring its capability to heal and helping it to do so.
The real honor comes when you see the light, the possibilities and work for it.
Nothing in life comes easy, some work is always necessary. You didn't get to college overnight, nor did you get the job on the first interview... it's all a process.
The real question is, are you willing to work for your health and hair?
Or are you willing to make excuses?
If you are not focusing on your health, this means, it's not a priority. We wouldn't be late for work or miss the school assignment, or even "forget" to pick a loved one up from the airport right? These are all priorities, but so is your health, and only YOU have the power to make the changes and make your health a daily habit.
Much like investing into your retirement fund, investing in your health actually gives you the ROI (return on investment) quicker and it does so NOW versus when you retire.
The ROI comes when you make changes, when you make your health a priority. Alopecia was a wake up call for me. In my clients, I see they too, want another way, they want the escape route, they want quicker results in less time.
They want to ensure their blindspots are uncovered and learning is part of that process.
The real question is, do you accept that alopecia can control you, or do you want to control your health and your alopecia? You have more control than you think. You just need to decide. Being empowered is a decision. No one gives you the power, you need to take it back. Take it back from your fears, take it back from your doubts, take it back from your band aid solutions that don't work.
Get empowered, decide and become who want to be!
Personally, I couldn't accept my diagnosis, but there is a need to accept, understand and do better.
In school, when I got a grade lower than a B+ (85%), I would speak to the professor or teacher and see "where I went wrong" - asking questions, what can I do better, was there extra credit available? I asked questions to improve, to see and understand how I can make this up and how I can get a better grade on my next assignment, exam or project.
This is imperative. We need to ask more questions. We need to understand where we went wrong... and I can help. I have those answers, I can guide you through it. Having had alopecia, and reversing it completely. Having clients who have had alopecia totalis, universalis, AGA, female pattern baldness, areata and even scarring, I have answers, protocols and even results from them too.
Ask the questions, know you have options, and know that there is another door to go through... that door towards naturally healing. Healing alopecia naturally, without pharmaceuticals without medications is an option.
Supporting your body, immune system and boosting health and hair growth for life is truly the only option that I see for me that has given me and others results.

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