HAIRLOSS is Another Side Effect to COVID 19

Aug 11, 2020
Have you heard the news?
According to several news outlets, many people after recovering from covid 19 are experiencing hairloss. This has just released and its another reason why getting healthy now is the right time to prevent further issues with hair loss, alopecia and autoimmune issues.
Beyond hairloss, in my program we have successfully cleared up psoriasis, eczema, low libido, constipation, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other health issues which can be treated and improved significantly with diet and lifestyle.
Putting off your health concerns and hairloss can be exaccerberated with corona, "the second wave" and anything else that might come. The time is now to get healthy and to get on track. Whether you've been dealing with alopecia for more than 5 months, 2 years or 20 years+ , its never too late to get healthy, get your immune system strong and be more prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. Health is not just lack of disease, rather its something we need to tend to on a daily basis.
Just like the service men and women who protect our country, they train daily and are constantly learning new technology and tactics. The same applies to health, this is something we need to work on daily, and putting it off is leaving you in vulnerable situation.
Make a bad situation better, by being better prepared, by taking steps towards true health, become vibrant, full of energy, reverse alopecia and heal your symptoms. Alopecia is not life threatening, but with the onset of Corona, it makes it more complicated and as noted in a previous blog post, you are more susceptible with a weakend immune system. You can turn this around for you and your loved ones.
I had someone banter with me on social media the other day and she was expressing to me how her sister has alopecia and has all these credentials as a nurse and nutritionist. She was telling me that her sister had changed her diet and yet was still bald.
We all have more to learn.
If there is something that Covid 19 has taught us all, is that we all have more to learn, the experts are behind the curve, our governments are behind the curve and frankly, we can all do better.
Corona virus is so new, that it's practically a race to understand it better and understand the long term health complications.
Regardless of the credentials, we all have more to learn and we all have blind spots. Don't let ego get in the way of your health, happiness and hair growth. Credentials mean nothing if you can't help others or yourself succeed. Many times, it's the school of hard knocks, that allows you learn and and gather the correct info, through experience and tried and true techniques. I didn't heal overnight, it was a 2 year+ process, but I made it through and have seen remarkable transformations and turnarounds in health, hair growth and happiness through my program and coaching.
There is opportunity to take back your health and control over your future. Learn, apply and and change the landscape you currently know as life, and make it better, diet and lifestyle adjustments can propel you further and get you ahead in life and in health.
Learn more about the Signature Program, next one is coming up and registration opens September 1.

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