Healing from the Inside Out

Nov 06, 2018
Just because your doctor or dermatologist gives you medicine, shots to the head or creams, it doesn't mean there are guarantees for your alopecia to dissolve and go away.
Actually, studies have shown that the above mentioned treatments have less than 10% efficacy rate. More than likely, you won't see results and you will continue to waste time and money, while your hopes dwindle.
I believe in healing from the inside out. I believe that food is medicine- its actually one of the best doctors, along with sunshine, fresh air and nature.
There are many other components to being healthy, however it starts with YOU. It starts with your determination, your willingness and belief that you CAN heal and place Alopecia into remission. Healing will most likely involve lifestyle changes, be ready to commit and think long term vs. short term results and band aids over symptoms.
I love helping others, as I too, have been in your shoes, have felt the worry, pain, fear and distress of losing hair.
I continue to help others, with encouragement and service offerings to promote healthier people and families. I wish you patience and determination as resiliency wins every time! You got this- and I am happy to help!

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