Holistic Health for Alopecia

Nov 08, 2018
What is the meaning of Holistic Health or having a holistic program for alopecia?
Having a holistic practice or program is looking at the whole picture of your health. Not just what is occurring right now but how you have lived your life up to this point and how that has affected you all the way till now.
As I look back on my health history, I am considered "healthy" if compared to statistics and what the many organizations that govern food, diet and health in the USA determine, however I now know, that's all wrong.
As Alopecia came about, "out of nowhere"; I later realized that my history had a lot to do with it. From working long hours and having multiple signs of being over stressed, to eating grains and not enough greens, growing up in a typical American diet and so much more.
Much like putting a salad together, you wouldn't just eat the dressing straight, or just have lettuce and call it a salad. Rather there are multiple components to the delicious and nutritious salad that you are creating. In the same vein, holistic health looks at all factors externally and internally that creates YOU. Which is different for everyone.
Because everyone is unique and so is their situation.
Everyone has their own ailments, issues and causes to autoimmune disease, in this case, alopecia. Therefore, holistic health can help everyone but not in the same manner. Potentially, one person gets better with a simple change of diet, for another it might be stress reduction + diet + health supplements, for another it might be more in depth and they might have parasites or other conditions that need repair. For another it was the onset of grief, huge stress and maybe toxicity.
All in all, holistic health works. I have seen results myself and my clients continue to see results, sending me text messages and notes about their progress. Holistic Health isn't about treating the symptoms, its about healing from the inside out, getting to the root cause. Without doing that, you will continue on the cycle of perhaps growing hair, and having it fall out, or worse, never see hair growth again because nothing has changed. Education is key to knowing how to put alopecia into remission. Change is a must if you want to see results.
Results vary for each person, the more discipline the better results. There is nothing like your health. Health is priceless.
Knowing what I know now, I am determined to help as many people as possible, giving them education, tools and techniques to improve their health holistically and naturally and in a whole manner. Not just stopping the shedding, but creating improved health from inside out where the results (hair growth) speak for themselves.
Holistic health is about balance, harmony and having your body function as it should. If something is off, it's because we have potentially been ignoring the warning signs. I know I did. Until my body screamed with hair loss and got my attention with bald patches.
After two years of trial and error, my hair is back, healthy and continues to grow in. Armed with knowledge and lifestyle changes, I don't "worry" about future alopecia episodes... Education and research have empowered me to know how to deal with unforeseen situations, however the 90% of things I can control will continue to push my health forward, retaining alopecia in remission. I hope the same for you!
Join any of my classes, courses or group coaching to arm yourself with education, knowledge and know-how to begin the healing process and keep alopecia in remission while improving your health all around.

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