How Likely are You to Obtain an Autoimmune Disease due to Trauma? This Test Explains How

Feb 03, 2020
Through tireless and obsessive research I continue to unfold the many avenues and factors that pertain to getting an autoimmune disease. Because let's face it- it didn't come out of no where. It came out from various factors and it will take various factors to heal. That's why you need a deep dive into your overall health to determine how to heal.
According to research, the ACE Test, is 10 questions, that quickly determines factors and levels of trauma. There are a few categories and apparently sometimes, trauma can show up decades later or somewhat immediately, depending on the person. Trauma, as the research explains, can come from various incidents in life.
Many of the questions revolve around the time before you turned 18 years old. Which alerts me to think that more care and concern is needed with our youth!
" For every increase in the ACE score of 1 point, risk for developing an autoimmune disease such as type 1 diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and many others goes up by 20% " An ACE score of only 2 or more increases the chances of being hospitalized for an autoimmune disease by 70 to 80%. Dube and Felitti et al found that:
childhood stressful events may increase ADs (autoimmune diseases) independently as well as amplify the effect of other environmental factors, such as infections.
What does this mean?
Yes, that diet and lifestyle are important so we don't repeat the same mistakes for other generations. That trauma can also can play a part in your healing process. This article about ACE opens up a discussion about the many variations and unfolding of traumas.
How to heal?
Healing alopecia is much more than just hairloss. Many times we also need to look at the traumas and fears and situations that make us uncomfortable, that haunt us, that don't allow us to carry on.
In my first book, I recommend many organizations and conferences I attended to move forward, I was able to heal that side quickly. However sometimes, healing is a longer process and many steps are needed to get there.
Just like no one can force feed you veggies, no one can make you do the internal work. However the internal work is needed to instill peace, to move on and completely heal.
I watched recently the Mr. Rogers Movie and there is a part where he says that everyone has a choice: everyone has a choice on how to act, on how to respond to situations on how to feel and how to proceed in life. He emphasizes that the more anger you release and reduce in life, the better it will be. I grew up watching him as a kid, and enjoyed seeing his message- its a great reminder that we shouldn't wait for a funeral or someone close to dying to make amends, rather choosing to create peace and letting go of anger, past experiences and burdens helps the healing process for you, your family and those around you. Its like health, once you upgrade one area, for example diet, all areas begin to functions better and are simultaneously upgraded as well.
Use that free will, use that choice for a healthier you. For a healthier outcome.
Just like changing habits, diet and lifestyle, choosing what is best for us sometimes is a hard choice, an uncomfortable one, but one with greater benefits and immense results. Hence, my full hair growth and recuperating 100% from alopecia.
I wanted to shed light on this subject as truly, no one can help you but professionals in regards to trauma. I have a friend who lost a loved one at 11 years old. She, for some reason, though it was her fault. We know it wasn't. After this loss, she began losing her hair and ultimately went AU (alopecia universalis ) for 10 years... after many methods of going natural and holistic, she finally healed this inner trauma, seeing later in life, as she was older, that obviously- she as a child- had no part in the death of this loved and natural causes do happen. After healing this trauma, her hair grew back and its been back ever since, completely all over her body.
She was smart and kept at it. She persevered and knew something needed to be done. She changed her life, diet, habits and all, but one thing was missing... this inner trauma. Many times we don't want to look towards the light because it blinds us. It's up to you to fill in that missing piece. To really look inside, and see what needs to be hashed out.
Where to go for healing Trauma?
First, I recommend taking the ACE test, reading more about it and your results. Understand what these hidden traumas might be. Check out the resources for traumatic events; also if the trauma is for your child, here are separate resources.
Here are More resources and here are some for children in various languages.
The positive side? You can always heal like I did, like my clients have, like my friend did, and many others. Whether you have trauma or not, you can heal your alopecia!

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