How to Stop Hairloss IMMEDIATELY

Nov 08, 2019
If you are reading this article, then you or someone you love is going through hairloss. I too have been there. What gave me results also gives my clients results. However, I see a 90% increase in results with coaching clients. Why? Because they have all their questions answered, they have step by step guided support in everything from picking the right supplements for them to changing their diet and lifestyle that is best suited for them and everything is customized to each client. There is no one size fits all, but the program helps everyone who puts in the time and effort. You can figure out your triggers, you can figure out what is harming your hair growth and how to mitigate alopecia in your system. You can reverse alopecia and get growth - but before growth, we need to stop the hairloss.
In less than 2-3 weeks you can stop the hairloss. In less than 4-6 months you can start to see regrowth.
First step in hairloss is stopping it. Two- three weeks sounds like a long time. But in reality, it goes by fast and the quicker you act, the quicker you can get results. We don't get over the common cold in a day or two, it may take 1-2 weeks, so why would we not allow the time and space for our bodies to react accordingly?
Second step in hairloss is supporting our bodies and immune system for a healthier body, environment, lifestyle and diet. After a few months of consistency, you begin to see results; little baby hairs sprouting out and filling in.
Where to start? You have a couple options. You can start with the Starter Kit, and add in coaching sessions as you see fit. If you already have my books, book a coaching session to review your current status and lets talk about getting you past any hurdles and moving you forward to your next goal- full hair growth.
Don't let another day or week pass by without achieving the first step. Don't let another year enter in with the same old situation! Stop the hairloss, grow your hair and get healthy. The time is now. If not now, then when?
Many clients have had alopecia for years or just a few months and with proper guidance and the program they are able to close that chapter in the life and continue living in a healthier way- focusing their efforts towards other endeavors. It's never too late to get healthy and heal your body from alopecia.
See my website for more details.

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