Hurrying to Heal Alopecia

Apr 17, 2019
The above picture, separated in the middle shows before and after pictures of me within a six months time frame.
This was me, still trying new things, tweaking diet, tweaking new learnings, researching more, and being the guinea pig for what has come to be my Alopecia Boot Camp Program.
When I achieved this amount of hair growth in 6 months,
I was ecstatic. During the course of my Alopecia, I never saw this huge bump in growth like I did then.
In this journey of healing, I know you want results, and fast!
I know you want to be whole and heal quickly. Trust me, I want this for you too! That's why I created my courses, books, trainings and retreats. Healing from alopecia can be achieved. Some clients see signs of hair growth in as little as a couple months... full regrowth in about 9 months - 18 months depending on the type of Alopecia and how determined they are at following the program.
You must know there is a catch to all the new learnings and diet and lifestyle changes.
You cannot go back to your old habits or ways of living.
Clearly, something triggered your alopecia. It was probably a combination of factors, as it was for me and all my clients. Its not one thing we can pinpoint, its a domino effect of sorts.
With this in mind, know that old ways of thinking: what's healthy and what's not is no longer relevant. Your old ways of living, are no longer healthy or serving you. You need to upgrade. You need to level up your health and life to really know and experience vibrant and optimal health.
Your hair is your crowning glory. Once you heal from the inside, your hair can easily and effortlessly begin to grow.
As mentioned in other posts, your hair has a 100 day cycle, so growth won't be all at the same time. It can and will grow in different stages.
With my program you will learn to live healthier and learn the nutrients needed for vibrant health and hair. In addition your new way of living will help all those around you, family and friends, because although they might not have an autoimmune disease, you also want to prevent illnesses in the ones you love. Start now, and upgrade your knowledge and health to the next level.
Health is waiting for you to take action.

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