Internalizing Cause for Alopecia

Nov 24, 2018
Alopecia is an autoimmune disease, and there are over 300 ailments under the umbrella of autoimmunity. Causes sometimes have been over simplified depending on the doctor or book you quote.
As I continue my research for and its community, I come across other books, and references that speak of internal health, internal healing and causes.
One in particular called the "The Inner Cause" by Martin Brofman, states that alopecia's cause is due to:
In addition, as mentioned in previous Instagram posts, nails or nail beds can become disfigured due to Alopecia, and as such, Brofman states:
Does this ring true to you or do you feel that this could have been part of the cause?
I find it interesting how chakras are intertwined with healing, and how many books reference them and perhaps how certain areas of physical pain manifest due to a concern or certain uncertainty.
In the Hay House book, You Can Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, she too goes over multiple and various ailments related to physical pain or physical ailments, like hair loss or alopecia and correlates it to another significance.
Personally, the above books do ring true for me and as more research comes out that emotions: blocked, trapped, unsaid or other do in fact do us more harm than good.
An introspective approach to healing considered part of a holistic and natural manner to fully heal alopecia should be considered as it is true by research and professionals; emotions can harbor good, bad, trauma and other emotions that should be laid down to rest and pacified. Clearing out the internal clutter, will create more space for growth, continued improvement and overall wellbeing and peace.

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