Losing Eye Brows & Eye Lashes? This is What It Means and What You Can Do About it!

Jan 30, 2021
I have gotten some recent questions about eyelashes and eyebrows-- how to get them back... if they are falling out- what does that mean... and how to help the situation!
If you are someone with alopecia areata and are experiencing disappearing or increased loss of eyebrows and eyelashes it could mean that your alopecia is progressing into alopecia totalis. The next step after totalis is alopecia universalis.
For those who don't know, alopecia totalis is where you lose all the hair on your head and also at times, eyelashes and eyebrows. Alopecia Universalis is where you lose ALL the hair on your body, including legs, arms, nostril hairs, and everywhere else we grow hair.
Personally, I too, experienced the loss of eyebrows and eye lashes... in addition to a big receding hairline. My forehead just got bigger and bigger, seemingly overnight, but I know that's not the case.
Yes, things were progressing, and not in my favor. I have clients who have gone from areata to totalis or universalis in less than a month, others take years and others do not get to the later stage at all.
Regardless of what stage you are in, you can get your hair back including the eyebrows and eyelashes.
My journey was over 3 years, and now through my experience that journey has been significantly reduced for clients.
What comes first, eyebrows, lashes or hair on head?
My clients detail their experiences with me and they tell me at times, they see an increase first in lashes and eyebrows before hair on the head.
Others see lashes and eyebrows come in last. Alternatively, many see it grow back at the same time other parts of the body are growing hair, including the arms, legs, arm pits, etc. For me, the receding hairline, eyebrows and lashes were coming in at the same time the hair on my head came in. The original patches where it all started, were last to fill in.
We create hair growth by changes in diet and lifestyle specifically tailored to you and your type of alopecia.
Clients with universalis and areata both see changes and hair growth in less than 8 weeks.
So time with disease is not a factor- supporting your body is. Type of alopecia is not a factor, creating the healthy habits and sticking to it is!
Caution: Treating eyelashes with Latisse or some other product for eyelash growth/ length is not recommended. Why? Because the hair that is falling out is due to the autoimmune condition so this needs to be treated internally. with diet and lifestyle.
Topicals do not work not for eyelashes and not for the hair on your head. Have you seen the countless brands of shampoos that market their products for hair growth and hair in general and unfortunately its causing other side effects, conditions and even hairloss. (I am talking about Monat, Deva Curl, Rogaine and even Tresemme.)
In regards to Latisse, it also comes with a whole host of side effects.
My question to you is, how far do you really want to go to achieve beauty, health and hair? If you are willing to go as far as possible, then do it naturally. Doing it through medications and prescriptions or even topicals will only lead to disspoinemnt and the onslaught of additional issues surrounding the eyes, scalp or head. Many times once the damage is done, its done! Try the natural route you will find that the outcomes are far greater, cheaper and include no side effects or risks.

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