Magic Pill to Reversing Alopecia?

Jun 25, 2019
We are trained to have a quick fix for every little problem. Need to relax, drink some wine. Need a sugar fix, have some chocolate. Need a break, get a massage. Need a ride, call uber- you get the idea, but when it comes to health, we need to know that there is NO magic pill, or shampoo or vitamin that will take care of alopecia for you.
Health comes from within.
It's up to us to support our bodies and give it the nutrition, environment, exercise, sunshine, relationships and healing it needs to thrive.
In forums I tend to see excitement around the latest drug or trial whether its for another ailment related or unrelated to alopecia. I would caution everyone to do their homework, do their research and ask questions. What are the side effects? How many people have been tested? Whats the data behind the supposed benefits? How many years has this trial been on for?
I am very cautious and distrusting myself, as everyone has an agenda.
I too, have an agenda.
My agenda is to have you try and commit to an organic lifestyle. A holistic lifestyle in order to increase immunity, heal the issues and inflammation that is causing alopecia. Going the natural, organic, and holistic route towards healing alopecia will not only make your body and immune system stronger but as you progress with the Alopecia Angel Program, you will learn what is needed for true health and longevity. And not just for a few weeks.... this is not a fad diet. Its' a lifestyle. Longterm.
In addition, if you have other health problems or concerns, outside of alopecia, and they have been nagging you for sometime, you must be realistic at how quickly you can heal. Many times the cleanup is the hardest part.
If you've had other health problems that are piled on, you might take a little longer than others. Everything, I believe is fixable. However the solution lies within you-- with your patience, with your efforts, and the help that guides you. Not everyone is qualified, or has the experience of going through alopecia and seeing results as I have. Just because you are a doctor, doesn't mean they have the answer, know- how or experience. I myself went to many doctors with none of them providing help or recommendations outside of coritizone shots and lack luster creams. See my full story here.
Ask questions and more questions. Many clients of mine are just as skeptical as me, but when they see results... that's where the skepticism turns into belief and empowerment, a sigh of relief falls onto them and suddenly they are more relaxed, confident and persevere forth into becoming a healthier version of themselves. It's all possible!
Alopecia and many autoimmune diseases such as type 2 diabetes, MS (multiple sclerosis) , thyroid issues and others are reversible. They can be healed and prevented. Diet and lifestyle are key. Let us help you understand the path and protocol necessary to accomplish this.
Autoimmune diseases are a wake up call. Its the alarm on your front door when robbers are trying to break in. It's a wake up call that this is not the way towards longevity or health. That something is wrong and needs full attention.
This is the opportunity you were needing.
This is the opportunity I needed to figure out what exactly I was doing, eating, thinking, saying, and evaluate how I was living to do better, reverse alopecia and move forward with life.
Many of my clients have children with alopecia. That too can be helped. Don't worry about not having your child not participate in activities like other children - perhaps not eating pizza and cake at birthday parties and the like. Yes, that's you ... that parent which won't let them partake into the junk food era. And that should be you without having your child go through alopecia, which I know for every parent is heartbreaking because there is no control. There is no protection you can offer your sweet child, until you get the resources and tools to know better, do better and switch up their diet and lifestyle.
I had alopecia. I healed.
Looking back, my childhood was filled with standard American diet staples, cereal, oatmeal, popcorn, hot dogs, soda, candy, chocolate, tons of ice cream, fast food and so much more that didn't teach me good health instead had me try various diets, live with 2 decades of insane acne, high stress, mood swings and then alopecia.
It all comes back to diet and lifestyle which have cleared up all the above issues, from weightloss/weight gain, to the acne and even alopecia.
So now you know. You hold the key. You hold the magic within you. The answers and results come from you, the insight, the knowledge, the perseverance, the patience, the effort and tenacity to fight for your health and overall wellbeing.
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