Post Partum Hairloss and Alopecia: What You Need to Know

Mar 17, 2020
Being pregnant is a beautiful time and season in which we are nourishing ourselves and the one that is on the way.
If you cleared up your alopecia and your hair has regrown before getting pregnant than congratulations... you are a healthier vessel for your little one. Doing a detox, cleaning house (yourself internally and externally) and healing your alopecia before getting pregnant is optimal. I believe I was able to get pregnant so quickly because of my health post alopecia!
If you happen to be getting alopecia or have it while you are pregnant there are some aspects of diet and lifestyle you can do to improve your health and that of your child.
Detoxes of any sort are not recommended during pregnancy. Instead, lets focus on nourishing your body with the most organic and healthy foods.. Let's focus on the environmental protocols and techniques that can enhance the quality of your pregnancy and also your health. Almost 90% of my book, Secrets to Health and Hair Growth can be applied to you during pregnancy.
Creating better health isn't done in a day, rather, it's an accumulation of days, months and years... and good habits that increase our health over time. Sticking to certain guidelines for food, supplements and practices are important for you to be your best, because you are creating a little human which takes a lot of energy and resources.
Healing alopecia naturally is possible, the full protocol of the signature program can be done before or after pregnancy, but not during. However, there are certain aspects of the alopecia program you can incorporate to better your health and that of your growing family.
As you know, I have reversed my alopecia, its been more than 3 years without any fall back, without any more hair coming out in clumps, and without any worry that alopecia will return- why? Because I have implemented a program that gives you the tools to defy that possibility. Protocols and learnings that ensure you take back your health in your hands as we can control 85-90% of our health through diet and lifestyle. Amazing right?
In another exciting turn of events, I am also now pregnant. And thanks to my research and thanks to the "work" and cleaning house that I did beforehand, I was able to get pregnant quickly and efficiently, and naturally at the ripe age of 39 no less!
In addition, I am armed with supplements and knowledge that will take my health and that of my baby's health much further. Want help in this area? Schedule a call with me to speak more.
Did you know that the Alopecia Angel program also treats children? I have been working alongside parents to help their children thrive and get healthy, setting them up for long term success.
If you obtain alopecia or hairloss after having your baby, please take note that some hairloss is expected and actually normal due to the fluctuations of hormones and the birthing process. In around 4-6 months you should see a decrease in hairloss and continue to see hair growth as normal. However if alopecia areata, round bald patches begin to form, or other forms of alopecia begin to become apparent, then I would ask for help and guidance and start the program immediately. The quicker you address the situation the easier and better it is, just like anything... you want to treat your cold before it becomes pneumonia right? So let's treat it sooner rather than later.
You can mitigate much of the post partum hairloss by keeping a clean diet, ensure you are taking the right supplements, and eating the correct foods, getting enough rest and ensuring your environment is clean and free of toxins.
I detail everything in my books.
In 6 months, your body and your hair should be bouncing back and hopefully with added sleep you can begin to workout and do healthy activities that support your health.
Remember, health starts from the inside, so focus your efforts there!

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