Short Cut to Healing Alopecia

Jan 13, 2021
I recently was tagged on an Instagram feed from a follower and saw that she was bald and she had on her IG profile that she was dealing with alopecia. We started to message each other and I asked her if she was interested in healing her alopecia. She surprisingly said "NO."
It got me thinking, "does this person believe she can heal" or is it that "she is content being bald", or is it that "she sees healing as an impossible achievement?" Could it be she's had it so long and feels defeated or something else? Many thoughts crossed my mind.
For me and my clients, we want our hair back- and we want it back ASAP. (like yesterday, NOW and Quickly) If there was a magical pill, all my clients would sign up ~this is how I felt, and I understand someone going through alopecia and hairloss and wants immediate results too.
I've noticed many times that when people "accept" their condition whether its alopecia, diabetes or something else, and do nothing about it to improve upon it, they have inadvertently given up. They have given up on themselves, given up on life, on the opportunity to be their best. They have resigned themselves to what could have been, to what might have been and even to living their highest potential.
You cannot google your way towards healing. There is so much noise and chaos online, so much conflicting things that many times you don't know what to believe or who to believe.
Is it any surprise to you that the USA has an obesity crisis and yet, with all the info out there on various diets, nothing changes... obesity just still continues to increase? Same thing with alopecia- there is so much information out there, that you waste time and energy looking for the one piece of advice that will take you towards the fast lane of success and yet there are literally millions dealing with alopecia and hairloss without any results, without moving the needle over the course of months, years and decades. Is this you?
Investing in yourself is needed to move forward
Most times, what we want takes time and effort and even a bit of hard work. I remember being in my twenties with surmounting debt and feeling like I was stuck and had no options. I felt that the debt kept accumulating and burying me alive into a dark hole. Then all of a sudden my current job offered me the opportunity to work weekends and guess what... I took it, and found myself working more than 80 hour work weeks BUT in less than 12 months... I also dug myself out of debt. This I felt was like my Mount Everest of accomplishments! What a relief. I remember like it was yesterday the final payment to the credit card company. DONE with DEBT forever I said to myself. I vowed from then on that debt was never going to haunt me again. And it hasn't. (its been more than 20+ years now) The lesson was hard, scary and has transformed me from the inside out but in a good way! (Albeit tears, sweat and lack of sleep.)
Then when life presented me with alopecia, this too was a hard lesson to learn.. this time, this lesson took me about 3 years to really get right. It was definitely more challenging and took more out of me (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) to see the big picture and to also recognize so many things that needed to change to ensure my long term success. No little milestones or nuggets of hope either... in finances you get to see the debt decrease.. with alopecia, its either you have hair growth or something isn't quite right or working... 3 years later... I saw the light and hair growth.. what I was doing was finally paying off.
Alopecia, just like my debt, were two lessons that once you learn them and overcome them, you never go back. Because WHY WOULD YOU? These life lessons (finances and health) transform you in a good way, and honestly both have made me into a better person. The emotional toll is one thing, the physical toll is another but the spirituality of healing and the faith that this too shall pass, has allowed me to believe more in what I can achieve versus what I cannot. I know I can do anything and I believe you can too!
I bridge the gap giving you the short cut to success in hairloss and health. Something that is not taught to our dear doctors and something not taught in school. With alopecia, there is really only one way for true results, true health and true hair growth. Diet and lifestyle are the ONLY way. It sounds easy just like paying off debt is, but in reality there are many ways to approach diet and lifestyle just like there are many ways to approach finances, debt and investing. Its not so easy. And the truth is, diet is different for the cancer patient, different for the diabetic and different for someone going through alopecia. Its all different and this is why tailoring diet and lifestyle to each person is needed. Lifestlye is also an over simplified term for so much more. Many clients come out of my program saying that they had many "eye opening" moments.
I've had the pleasure to work with amazing health professionals, nurses, and even personal trainers.... and for someone to think that their alopecia is only due to one thing is wrong.
I can guarantee you if it was only one thing, you would have resolved this a long time ago. Clearly, there is always more to learn. Your hunch maybe right with one or two things to work on, but I know there is much more you can do to propel you and the results further!
Had I learned this earlier on, I would have saved myself perhaps 2 years or more. Clients get to see results and get to the root cause in less time (most in less than 8 weeks!) than having to do what I did- See a bunch of doctors, try some prescriptions, get no where. Try alternatives, get no where. Google everything about hairloss, mix and match all that I read, trial and error with more empty handedness. Isn't it time for you to stop the madness? Get straight to the point of your hairloss- get action items and know how and what to do about it.
No one wants to be in debt just like no one willingly wants hairloss right?
Save yourself the time and energy. Take the short cut to health and hair growth. At least your starting point will give you an edge. There is still work and effort involved but by taking the short cut, you are already half way there!
Signature Program is now open and closes in a few days! Don't miss your chance to upgrade your health and hair growth in less time.

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