The Critical Steps to Hair Growth

Jan 08, 2020
When I was going through Alopecia, my hair turned on me. Not only was it falling out, but it all of sudden became unmanageable, like a pet who now wanted to bark and bite versus cuddle and snuggle with me. This was the first time I encountered a misbehaving hair, daily fights, after more than 30+ years understanding and beautifully working my hair!
I stopped understanding my hair and my body for that matter.
It took time to get it back to respond as it once did, to curl up naturally and to be normal again. This process all occurred during my alopecia hairloss, diagnosis, during the time I was seeing doctors, and doing trials on myself to heal myself. After two years, I found the formula and found what works.
Our instinct is to buy something immediately, topically, for the scalp or hair, a new shampoo or cream.... but I can assure you, while hair products are necessary, what is more CRITICAL is your diet and lifestyle.
It begins in the Gut. It begins with your fork and the foods you choose on a daily basis. If diet is wrong, you are just wasting your money on hair products, that cannot do miracles alone.
It's like buying a pair of Nike's and thinking you are ready to run a marathon. It takes time to heal and I know how to speed it up!
My Alopecia Angel Program goes over everything you need to know about hairloss, hair growth and ensures you don't have to deal with it again. That's it- no more cycles of growth and loss... put it to rest and learn the in's and out's that YOU control to improve your health.
I have learned being guided is the best. Remember back in the not so long ago past, we used to ask for directions, or even mapquest directions and print them out? Thank goodness for Google Maps, but before technology, we relied on precise help, on accountability and on being super alert so that we didn't miss the stop sign or street name that we needed to turn on.
If you like to travel like me, you might enjoy getting lost sometimes, and discovering new nooks and crannies to a new city, but sometimes, ahem, late at night, it can be eerie and scary. In addition, it can take you a lot longer by yourself and end up taking way longer than needed.
Wouldn't you want to save time and money?
Take all the guess work out, and use the fast lane towards your health and hair growth..... join my 2 Month Program starting February 1.
In three weeks I will post to our private Facebook group and will give you instructions on a weekly basis of what to do. You are never alone! Join the community and be supported by us and me personally, as I take you through the changes, products, diet and lifestyle and health hacks weekly- needed to heal your alopecia and get you going towards true health and hair growth!
I've been there. I've done that. It's over for me. And I want it to be over for you too. See the success stories and commit to your health.
This program is unique as its offered only once this year, it includes both books, personalized coaching sessions, weekly guidance, instructions, videos, chat, access to me, and so much more for two whole months. Let me guide you safely and securely. You won't get lost and by March 31 you will be on your way to improved health and hair growth!
I can't wait to see your results!

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