The True Cost Of Hair (Growth)

Jul 21, 2020
If I were to look back at everything I purchased for just my curls, to keep them bouncy and hydrated, free of frizz and conditioning treatments, curl specialist hair cuts, color every couple months... I would have to start back to when I was 13. Yes, 13 is when I needed to learn how to manage my curls. My curls came to me right during puberty, my hair changed and boom, one day I came home from the pool with curly hair. My curls were tighter and kinkier than my mom's, she has waves. Since then I have always embraced them... it's been a long relationship but a powerful one. One where I listen more and feel more than speak.
When alopecia happened back some 4-5 years ago, there was nothing I wouldn't have purchased to make things right, to make my hair grow. I am sure you have felt the same way many times. For me, this has had me pay multiple doctor visits out of pocket, anywhere from $250-$350 for the same amount of 15 minutes or less you would get with insurance. I saw numerous doctors, in various cities, countries and states... for no results or possibilities of healing alopecia.
I could've used that money for vacation.. which might have helped more than the responses I got or the prescriptions they wanted to offer which research shows has little effectiveness, less than 10% to be exact if that! Many times doctors had no answers for me, saying I was fine, looked healthy and things were in order. Others, had a master plan of monthly cortisone shots for the next 12 months. (without telling me about the risks involved)
Wigs? I never even thought about that.. its actually never crossed my mind about getting a wig, even at the darkest points and moments. To me, a wig is not a solution, its a band aid for my potential... my potential for health, potential for hair growth, potential to be back to the way things were. Wigs were never a thought or consideration. I was so determined to get healthy, that--that was the only winning solution and goal I had. To get my curls back, to get my health back, to grow my hair and have it as before if not better!
Wigs are also expensive and require maintenance, cleaning, and its a process all around. Same with extensions. For that amount of time, energy and money, I would rather find a way to get my own hair back, not to mention my sanity- alleviating me from depression, sadness, concern and instead boosting my immune system, which in current times is PRICELESS. Having a healthy immune system helps you ward off colds, flus, and illness in general. Having a weakened immune system or one that is suppressed as in with an autoimmune disease, makes you more susceptible to obtaining disease or illness. So while many are ok with hair loss, are you still ok with getting sick more often or contracting something else?
In addition, you don't want to have alopecia linger... 25% of people with one autoimmune disease go on to acquire a second or a third. Stop that from happening by getting healthy, focusing on reversing your alopecia now so that doesn't have to occur.
The benefits internally of healing and boosting your immune system puts you in a special shield of sorts, warding off viruses, common colds and viral infections.
I know I am not the only one who has researched for help, and hasn't gotten the right answers. Buying products that say one thing, and don't live up to the hype or standards.
How much would you pay for your hair growth? How far are you willing to go for your health?
When I set out in my journey to take my health and my hair growth into my own hands, I knew it was an inside job.. I knew no gimmicky shampoo or pill would do the trick. I relied heavily on my corporate skills, masters degree for research and data, and critical thinking so I can cut through the nonsense and "sales" of so many products.
Little by little, as I evaluated, tried and tested my methods, they began to work! I saw huge improvements in 6 months, then amazing hair growth, and even though my hair was growing, but yet, still bald in many places, I walked around confident like, "hey, I got this" - because I knew deep down, that I would see progress be free soon enough from the worry and concern and uncertainty of alopecia. The end of the tunnel was near, I just need to see the beginning and starting point, then I could run like crazy towards the finish line. Which I did. This is why I am here, because that's the same feeling my clients have when they complete the Signature Program. They now have access towards the finish line and towards the light... the darkness lifts, the worries and concerns go away, and with confidence, knowledge, tools and changes they see hair growth, they see improvements in energy, mood, digestion, fatigue, memory and so much more; they are empowered to move forward with continued hair growth and success.
My methods work, and they have worked for various types of alopecia, including AGA, totalis, universalis, TE, traction, frontal fibrosing and areata.
I have since had a handful of clients with scarring.... I'll keep you posted how that goes!
Healing alopecia naturally is possible. Is it possible for you to be so determined to want your hair back? Is it possible for you to do all the things needed to achieve optimal health and hair growth?
That's the real question.
Can you handle the challenge? With the Grand Prize being health, hair growth that lasts and is yours, Naturally!
The Signature program has a 90% success rate. That's a lot more than anything else on the market from pills, to topicals, and diet alone.
Changes need to happen for you to see results.
I love sharing my client's stories, because we can all see ourselves in them!
One in particular, 40 something year old with universalis of over 20 years. He came to me and is currently in my program. Guess what? In less than 5 weeks, he already sees hair growth on legs, chin and eyebrows. No hair for 20 years... and now... hair growth. Your body is a super intelligent machine- you just need to tweak things to make it all work and harmonize.
Modern medicine cannot help.
Its all up to you, so stop looking for band aid solutions that are not getting you anywhere. Rather, isn't it time you learn how to reverse alopecia naturally, for good, from someone who's done it through themselves and others? Next Program is coming up in October. Registration opens in September!
The price of hair growth and health is priceless. The value you get from the experience and knowledge from someone who's helped themself and hundreds of others reverse alopecia, is your best option for long term success and hair.

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