Top 5 Learnings from Having Gone Through Alopecia

May 16, 2019
If only I could go back in time and re-do things again. I am sure many of you have felt this or said this at some point in life.
For me, I personally wasted so much time and money, arranging and going to appointments in California, Colorado and even in Europe to meet with doctors about my alopecia. I saw dermatologists, DO's, endocrinologists, regular doctors, and doctors who specialize in alopecia. Access to doctors and getting immediate appointments was easy, their solutions however were less than helpful.
Some of the doctors had the same recommendations: take the shots or use creams.. others gave no options for me while my alopecia grew and continued to increase in hair loss.
As you might have read in my book, I don't take "No" for an answer too lightly. I tend to veer and create my own path to success.
I used my motivation to research and figure out ways to heal through supporting my body internally. I knew if I had hair before, I could definitely get it back.
As my lashes and eyebrows started to dwindle, I knew I needed to take action. Time is of the essence.
Thankfully, I came out of alopecia, reversing it, healing my body from the inside out. It took me about 2.5 years, and my hair has regrown completely. No more alopecia.
Best part? I know how to take measures so that it never creeps up again.
This is why I created Alopecia Angel. Because I have been there and come out alive and thriving. Additionally, you can see success stories on my website of the many clients who see regrowth and new vibrant health.
I wish there had been a resource like this for me. Unfortunately, most doctors cannot help as most doctors only recommend creams and cortisone. Do your research, all of this has negative side effects. Even over the counter "treatments" like minoxidil have negative side effects. You can see more on the posts I have created on my Instagram and Facebook.
Interestingly enough, we only decide to go natural and holistic when all else fails. I should know, I ended up going this way too, because conventional medicine failed me.
Luckily, I came out of alopecia with lots of learnings.
Top 5 learnings from having gone through Alopecia:
- Start with the end in mind. Take this as an opportunity to get healthier, to crush all your new year's resolutions and health goals, to get fit, healthy and educated about health. True health. From a healthy foundation hair can grow.
- Come to terms that conventional medicine cannot help you with your alopecia. It's an inside job. Yes I can help, however, I can lead the horse to water yet cannot make the horse drink. You need to do the work, and I can guide you! You will be supported all the way through. But being healthy is not a quick fix, its life long way of life.
- Don't come to holistic and natural methods as a last resort. Choose it as a first option and only option. Because truly, I don't see success stories using creams and shots and shampoos for long term success. They are all Band-Aids to the root cause of your problem. You don't want to be in a cycle of alopecia today, more bald spots tomorrow then regrowth and then more bald spots in another 10 months. Treat the root cause and learn how to avoid future issues to remain healthy long term.
- Start working towards health and hair immediately. Take action as fast as you can. Don't delay because more than likely it can and will get worse. The hair loss becomes greater and you want to avoid that. 25% of people with alopecia go on to attract another one or two autoimmune diseases. Avoid this by changing diet and lifestyle and taking action.
- Your hair will grow back at different times in different spots. Your hair has a cycle of 100 days. So take this into account. It won't grow all at the same time like grass.
Bonus Lesson:
Final lesson I learned while going through alopecia and helping numerous people, is that progress and cause is individual. Effort and success is individual, however it's all possible. Healing is possible. Scientifically, I can give you the background on how and why things happen and how and why your body reacted to get to alopecia. I can also teach you how to avoid this from happening again, but at the core of it, its your choice to want to start a program, a life changing one and get the results you want.

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