TOP 5 Questions to Ask your Alopecia Specialist before Committing to Treatment

Jun 18, 2020
You just got diagnosed with alopecia and your innate instinct is to go to a dermatologist or your GP. What questions should you ask? What should you expect from your visit?
Know a couple things before you go:
1. They are only trained to offer cortisones creams, injections and prescriptions. (Which in that case, ask about the side effects, and results and success rate for each. Success rates that THEY have had and THEY have seen without a recurring loss. Because many times, what they won't tell you is that the prescriptions and creams and painful shots to head, not only do they have side effects and risks, but there is no guarantee that your hair will come back and actually stay. Many times, my clients come to me after they have done these pills, and creams and shots for months and years and are tired of the cycles of hairloss and hairgrowth- they come to, and I am able to give them controlled results and results they can control and manage for years to come. Not just a one time thing.
2. If you are looking for a holistic and natural way to turn alopecia around- they won't be able to help you, because they don't have the training or experience, and lets be honest, they make more money in surgeries and pharmaceuticals than reviewing your diet and lifestyle. Most doctors' training includes less than 4 hours of training on diet, so they won't be able to assist in this area.
It's not a surprise that I have had nutritionists as clients, because many times what they teach at school- doesn't apply to someone with autoimmune disease. It's another whole book of its own, not just a paragraph in a chapter.
Other questions you should ask someone who is helping you or might help you with your alopecia treatment?
3. What is the success rate for your type of alopecia? There are many types of alopecia and hairloss and not all of them are the same. In addition, add in your other medical conditions as this too is a factor... its not good or bad, but its a factor to consider. If you have any other conditions or are currently taking medications - this is also important to know. This can also influence hair results. Healing alopecia is multi factorial- much like a puzzle, I have all the missing pieces you need to put this together and reverse your alopecia. We need to evaluate and support all factors to get health and hair flourishing from within and move outward.
4. Another couple questions I would ask... How many people have you treated with alopecia? Is this their primary area of focus, or do they focus on other things like hashimoto's, or diabetes and is alopecia just an add on or extra side symptom they have had a couple of clients with-- dig you don't waste your time or money.
5. What is the focus of treatment? Are there any side effects? I would question what their treatment looks like in depth. And if you are a parent, I would ask if you need to be involved or not. The right answer? Parents need to be involved and need to support children with all the changes. Many times parents have conditions we don't discuss, and when they go on my protocol and program for their child, their issues clear up and they later tell me, I was struggling with join pain, eczema or allergies and it all went away. In this manner, the whole family wins. Everyone boosts their health and is on the same page.
All in all, you need to weigh out your options, just because someone wears a white lab coat, means they have all the answers. If you know my story, I've seen way too many doctors = all with limitations. ( And no real results )
This is how Alopecia Angel was born- through my own experience of having alopecia and healing it myself, naturally. Now, more than 4 years later and still thriving and flourishing with full hair... my programs have helped children, adults, women and men alike from various countries (New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Chile, Mexico) to heal and get the results they too are looking for. Permanent Results. Lifetime Results of health and hair.
Whether they have totalis, universalis, areata, TE and even AGA, I have helped them get on the right path with hair growth to show for it in over 90% of clients. Take back the control- get your hair growing - you can have hair growth in as little as 2 months.

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