Toxins + Alopecia

Oct 27, 2018
Bloomberg came out with an article today on Glyphosate, aka Monsanto's - Round Up weed killer and how its in every product we eat, from cereal to orange juice, granola bars and beyond.
This topic is well known, but only now is it getting the voice and megaphone it deserves because many people are filing lawsuits against said company, now acquired by Bayer. Most recent pay out was to a California gardener who is dying of cancer and pay out is over $70 million USD.
The toxins in our environment, home, school, food, cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products, and food, all add up... the less toxins you have the better overall health. Start today by decluttering your house, taking out all products that aren't natural.
We are in the midst of an epidemic as they are finding newborns with umbilical cords that have been tested for over 100 different types of toxins.
This comes from the parents who need to detox themselves before conceiving. Be thoughtful when consuming as this snowball effect is causing the 300+ auto immune diseases, including Alopecia, that we see so prevalent today, whereas 20, 30, or even 50 years ago, we never heard of them.
What to do?
There are many opportunities to declutter and reestablish what you use in your home. My blueprint book, "Secrets to Hair Growth + Health" gives you a step by step guide on how to create healthier hair and health all around, inside and outside your home and environment.
Check out my courses, I have many coming up including a metal detox, alopecia and nutrition, and vitamins and supplements for alopecia.
I will also be coming out with a critical Pre-Pregnancy class for those with autoimmune and alopecia; as detoxing and prepping your body for before baby is critical to give your newborn better chances of health from cognizant mother and father.
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