Vitamin D is Correlated with Alopecia + AutoImmune Diseases

Nov 12, 2018
In a recent article they note that lack of Vitamin D levels correlate to getting alopecia. In my early research I knew this was part of it. It's no coincidence that the majority of the people I know who suffer from Alopecia live in northern countries and cities known to have small windows of sun throughout the year.
If you can change where you live, then do so!
Other alternatives would include to start taking Vitamin D3 supplements, traveling to warmer climates more often to get the natural sun, and also joining us on our Vitamin D Retreat, 2019 to Cape Town.
Other causes have led you to obtain Alopecia, not just the sunshine. Evaluate your diet, stress levels, life moments, circle of friends and family. Evaluate your work, job, and school. All these factors either bring stress, or happiness. Clear the toxins from your house and work, clear the toxins within. If you need help, we also have group coaching coming up un January and lead groups throughout the year.
Alopecia can be placed into remission. The journey will be different for each, but it is possible. Have hope, educate yourself, and modify all areas mentioned above for improved health and happiness. The sooner you take action, the sooner you will start to heal and see results.
I've always loved the sun, sunshine and warm weather. However now that I don't live in a warm climate, there are measures I take to ensure I have enough Vitamin D and that my health is at its best regardless of where I am located.
I cannot wait to go to Cape Town, and hope you take advantage and come with me. It will be summer there, and that sounds so wonderful in the middle of winter.
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