Vitamin D Retreats: Activities, Travel, Sunshine, Community + Learnings

Nov 06, 2018
I love retreats, yoga retreats, wellness retreats, active retreats... I love the aspect of travel, meeting new people, getting pampered and seeing something new with many activities, water sports, good food and the joy of having not to arrange anything, except purchasing my flight.
All the details are done for you-- for the most part anyway!
After learning that a lack of Vitamin D is essential to bodily functions, especially those with auto immune disease, I decided to offer retreats.
A huge plus to to Vitamin D Retreats over the standard yoga retreat? We will always switch up locations, have excursions, organic food, learn how to improve health, detox, reduce stress and make it exclusive. Small intimate groups where flexibility is key for everyone to enjoy.
I look forward to hosting our upcoming Vitamin D Retreat in Cape Town South Africa.
January 2019- perfect time to be there, as its their summer! Allows those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere to get out of the cold and embrace sunshine and shorts once again albeit for a week! A nice immunity boost midway through winter to get you through the hump of spring!
Activities include yoga, pilates, wine tastings, hikes, beach time, sound baths, Feng Shui and more learnings on how to improve your overall health from the ground up. Spend a week in sunny Cape Town taking in sites, relaxing and rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.
I cannot wait to go!
As an expert event professional enjoy seamless concierge services and help with any travel or retreat concern.
Cape Town awaits... come with, January 28- Feb 2, 2019
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