What to Do When You Get Diagnosed with Alopecia

Apr 11, 2019
Most people realize something is wrong when they come across their first bald spot. As small or as big as it might be, it can cause worry, concern, shock, dismay and instant fear.
Many times Alopecia can be slow to progress, other times it can be quite quick and take you from Alopecia Areata to Alopecia Totalis or Universalis in less than a couple weeks.
Alopecia is multi factorial; in both healing and cause and effect. The need to evaluate every aspect of your life in order to heal is imperative.
When I started my journey to heal my own Alopecia, I thought I was "very healthy" and I was.... to the "standard" or average person. However, when you have an autoimmune disease, the standard of health that you believed was great is no more. The bar is higher, more rigorous. A changed lifestyle, for life.
Taking precautions to not fall back into the "losing hair again" trap is key. Being aware, making conscience decisions based on how to improve your health versus instant gratification.
Action overall is key to overcoming alopecia. There are many possibilities and markers that can lead to another situation, like losing all your hair, or attracting another autoimmune disease.
Note: It's never too late. Some of my clients have had alopecia for more than 15 years and have seen improved health and regrowth with me in just a few months. It's not impossible, know everything is possible, including overcoming alopecia.
Tips I recommend after a diagnosis:
- Take pictures of your hair right now. Ensure pictures of overall hair and the spots directly; notice any changes.
Do this weekly to see progress of alopecia.
- Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine for at least 6 months, Start AIP. Full protocol found in my book.
- Evaluate your life in the last 3-9 months before getting your first spot. What life events were happening or taking place?
If your first spot was ages ago, think about what was going on then if you can remember. If not, no worries, we can speak more about this during our call.
- Invest in yourself. If you haven't had a good diet or worked out, now is the time to start. Don't do anything rigorous, opt for low impact.
- Educate yourself about alopecia. I have done the legwork for you if you want a blueprint to health in my first book Alopecia Angel's Secrets to Health and Hair, available here.
It goes over the above and much more taking into account your health and lifestyle, the changes needed for optimal health and many more factors that can contribute to your hair growth and improvements in overall health.
- Schedule a free 20 min call with me. Why? Because I have gone through it myself and have come out the other end, to not only heal with full hair growth, but in turn offer the help and education I have amassed to help others. There is no better relief in speaking to someone who's been there and done that. Getting results matters, speaking to someone knowledgeable and who can directly help is key. Schedule a call now.
After our call I will be able to address your concerns, give you facts and next steps in healing.
In the meantime, browse my blog for many more articles about alopecia, checkout my facebook and instagram for the latest news.

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