When To Give Up on Hairloss?

Jan 24, 2021
Today I had a call with a male client who has alopecia and has seen it get worse over the last year. No surprise as this has happened to around 95% of people who contact me for help! It started in his beard and he didn't pay much attention to it. Then it progressed to his scalp with a few spots here and there.... and then now, with more than a year into it, its progressed to more spots, bigger spots and more than 50% massive shedding all around.
TIP: Don't wait too long to get help! Alopecia, if left unattended will only progress given the chance. (Losing eyebrows and eyelashes? Next blog post talks about this! Stay tuned)
We went over next steps and what needs to happen for him to get unstuck with his alopecia and move forward with hair growth.
He, like many, want to understand what is the number one thing that needs to happen for alopecia to go away and hair to come back in. I explained that just like a food recipe needs all the ingredients for the recipe to be exactly how it should be, alopecia too, needs all the ingredients to ensure hair grows and continues to do so. I talk about these ingredients in my books, starter kit and signature program.
This client still has hair- although he has already lost 50% of his hair... he acknowledged that he was looking into shaving his head and getting micro pigmentation. Now, this to me sounded more or less like throwing in the towel. Like sweeping the problem underneath the rug and avoiding having to "deal" with it. I questioned his thought process and let him know he was already half way towards healing his alopecia- why would he stop now?
As a health coach that specializes in alopecia, I saw that his alopecia could be easily reversed... many of my clients with universalis and totalis are able to, so someone with areata can be easily done too! I expressed my concerns and he quickly was encouraged to move forward. When you are doubting your decision and your situation do not get distracted with "alternatives"-- focus on the main goal- on what you want... on the hair and health that you want... do not settle... I know its easier to settle for less, but why would you? I believe its easier to push through the challenges when you can easily raise your hand and ask for help!
Just like in recipes, there is an order of things to put in, add in, mix etc. In healing alopecia, there is also an order or process of doing things. If you skip steps, cut corners or cheat here and there, you are not going to see the swift results most of my clients do with the Signature Program or with private coaching.
This client was clearly at a fork in the road. He wanted to heal, but trying to do it for about a month on his own was not rendering any results. A month is a short amount of time, and many times the "do it yourself" model is challenging because we second guess ourselves and the next steps to take. Its natural as humans, to err on the side of caution and many times, we do not see our blindspots. In many cases the emphasis is placed on diet and nothing else, when diet is only 40-50% of the equation. Or perhaps you are getting bogged down with what supplements, how much and what to take. Supplements can be tricky and even toxic is you are not guided correctly. Lifestyle is also another 40-50% of the process which many times is overlooked. This component is much more than just the superficial meaning of lifestyle, there are a multitude of subcategories that relate to your health that I go over and introduce in the program.
We don't know what we don't know and many times, even if we have a manual, the final product is a little wobbly, at least that's my experience with Ikea furniture. You can have the manual, the tools and everything and still get some missing pieces which will not allow you to ensure everything comes out perfect. Expert advice and guidance is priceless, not just in motivation, but in also getting towards success sooner, moving past obstacles and getting the personalized guidance necessary.
Many times we think and feel we are stuck, that the end is far from near, when in reality, you can be so close and not know it. This client is close... full healing and hair growth I estimate could be achieved in less time ( I've been there...... ) Only someone who's been through your same journey can see how close you really are. (fact!)
I told him to keep going... to take the next steps that we outlined. With a coaching call you get immediate answers and immediate steps towards your hair growth. Its only up to you how long you want to wait for hair growth; do you want it now? Or do you want to continue on this perpetual cycle of trying things half way and not knowing where you are going wrong? Or do you want a faster solution towards true hair growth that will be permanent?
Coaches see a faster way to get there and that's what I do, I help you streamline your efforts, quell your concerns and get you going on the fast track to success. We all have our own challenges, and this can be easily mitigated, reassuring you, that you are on the right track.
This client was smart to reach out and to seek advice- many times that's exactly what we need to do to keep going, understanding and seeing that our efforts are not going to waste, rather seeing where we can expedite them and turn effort into results, in less time.
Do you feel like giving up on your hair? Shaving your head?
DON'T DO IT. Giving up is not an option and NO, you should never give up on yourself or your health!
If you do, reach out for a coaching session, get unstuck, get tailored and customized advice to you and your situation.
Without it, you might just be going around in circles and chasing your tail feeling defeated and disappointed...
Don't feel that way, ask for help, ask for guidance and get going towards success in hair growth and health. More than likely there are areas you have not addressed and are needed to see full results!
One client in particular had around 13-15 bald spots on her head and she was at her wits end since she has had alopecia areata off and on for over 15 years. In 9 months flat, her bald spots covered up and her full mane was back to what it was prior to alopecia even showing up. To see hair growth- full hairgrowth and amazing vibrant health all in one is possible, and yes you can reverse and yes you can eliminate the vicious cycle of hairloss and make peace with alopecia, learning how to put it to rest and not allowing it to come back.
When you are deeply rooted as a tree, you do not fear the wind. Live life without fear of alopecia coming back, knowing the tools and techniques to maintain and live your healthiest life yet! Learn more

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