Your Everyday Coffee Is Not Helping Your Hair... or Your Health!

Oct 01, 2019
Ahhh coffee... before Alopecia I would wake up, have my french press and carry on with my day and work load. By the afternoon, maybe one more cup which was really a double shot espresso mixed with coffee for an afternoon pick me up.
That's when I was working and traveling many hours a week, exercising daily and rigoursly to ease the stress and lo and behold, I was also eating right... I was doing everything right when alopecia came about... or was I?
Coffee as much as we love it, is ranked as the number one food with the highest number and amount of pesticides used to grow it. Its's also the 3rd most sprayed agricultural crop in the world behind tobacco.
Coffee isn't good if you have alopecia. Neither is alcohol, but that's another post for later!
Come to think of it, knowing what I know now about the pesticides, I actually stay away from coffee, only partaking once in a blue moon and only if they have milk substitutes like almond and coconut. (stay away from soy and oat)
What many with alopecia do not realize, is that since they have alopecia, an autoimmune disease, the "general rules" for health and wellness prescribed by government, regular doctors, google or any other "source" does not apply to them for the most part. Your body is going through changes and no longer does it accept certain foods you were accustomed to eating or drinking.
Many sources say coffee is healthy. But you need to look at the other side of the coin. Not only is it laced with glyphosate but also the person saying that coffee is healthy, is not losing their hair at dramatic rates as you are, or I was.
Take it from someone who's had alopecia, and has recovered fully from it.
Even now, after alopecia, post hairloss, I still don't "go back" to how I used to live, how I used to eat, or how I used to do many things... I keep myself in check, knowing that If I do, I can prevent alopecia from returning. (which I have)
I focus on true health, true wellbeing and leaving coffee behind along with many other things, is something I can live with.
Once clients overcome alopecia and full hair growth comes back, I tell them they can enjoy certain things within moderation; not everything can come back or should. Many things are eliminated for life. But that's a small price to pay for long term health and hair.
If by chance you are in the stubborn camp that does not want to give up coffee, I highly recommend only buying organic. At least there's an added buffer so you are not adding to your toxic burden within your body. And I would also limit your consumption as much as possible at least during the time you are trying to heal... after you can re-evaluate.
If you however, want to improve your hair and health, start by eliminating coffee, switch to green tea or matcha green tea and drink this instead.
I would also add many herbal teas that I mention in my book.
If you want to go a step further, look into getting the starter kit- both books, detailing how you too - can overcome alopecia, taking control and regaining health and hair. I have done so and many others too- why not you? Why not now? Life is short as my friend mentioned over the weekend, why not do the things that will make you happier and healthier. You really have nothing to lose, but more hair and more issues potentially with your health.
Want to get Started? Get my Starter Kit. Need more help- grab some coaching.. I can get you on the right path towards health and hair!

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